Kyrie Irving Tweet Screenshot: What Did He Comment on Documentary? Check His Religion Wiki!

This article Kyrie Irving Tweet Screenshot, includes all the details of Kyrie Irving’s tweet regarding an anti-Semitic film on Twitter.

Are you familiar with Kyrie Irving? What did he publish on his Twitter profile, did you know? Are you aware of what he tweeted? If not, you’ve come to the correct place since this page will provide you with all the details of Kyrie Irving’s tweet. 

He was punished by the Nets for posting the link to the anti-Semitic movie. People from all over the United States wanted details regarding Irving’s tweet. If you would like to know the same information, read this post: Kyrie Irving Tweet Screenshot.

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News about Kyrie Tweet?

According to reports, on October 27, NBA player Kyrie Irving tweeted a link to a documentary full of anti-Semitic conspiracies. The movie URL that he provided demonstrated hatred for Jews. This tweet gained much traction across all social media platforms, particularly Twitter. 

Following this, he was required to pay a sizable fine of $50,000 and was also suspended by the Brooklyn Nets. All of his tweets and links have since been removed from Twitter.

What Did Kyrie Irving Tweet

Without commenting, Kyrie posted the links to his nearly 4 million followers. Additionally, it has a falsely alleged quotation from “Adolph” Hitler that states the Jews will pressure America to keep something a secret. 

In the last year of his contract, Nets owner Joe Tsai, who is presently paying Irving $37 million, stated on Twitter that he was disturbed that Kyrie appeared to support a movie based on a book full of false information about Jews.

Recent information about this Incident 

Recent information about this Incident 

On October 29, Kyrie Irving Documentary tweet continued to grow. He tweeted once more, claiming to be an “omnist,” a person who respects or believes in all religions. 

On November 3, Irving was suspended by the Nets. Thursday night, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN claimed that the player would be suspended for five games. Following this, Irving removed all of his tweets from Twitter and finally apologized.


Kyrie has tweeted anti-Semitic conspiracies on a documentary and then he again tweet that his intension was not to harm the religious faith. You can check all the statements mentioned by Kyrie on the official twitter link 

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Kyrie Irving Religion Wiki: FAQs

Q1 Who has suspended Kyrie Irving?

 The Nets have suspended him.

Q2 Is Kyrie apologized for sharing the link?


Q3 How much has Kyrie paid?

 He paid 50,000 dollars.

Q4On which Social media platform can one see Kyrie Irving Comment?

 Twitter (link given in the conclusion).

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