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Kyle Horton Bakersfield Accident: What Happened to Him? Find Details On Accident

The Kyle Horton Bakersfield Accident article has explained all the essential details about the accident.

Do you know about Kyle Horton’s accident? Is Kyle Horton dead? Who is Kyle Horton? Is Kyle Bryce Horton’s brother? Are you searching for the details on Kyle Horton Bakersfield Accident? If yes, then read the details about it in this article. This tragic news shocked and saddened people from the United StatesCanada, and Australia

Kyle Horton’s Fatal Accident 

On Saturday, 19th August 2023, Kyle met with an Accident Highway 65 in Bakersfield, California. In this multi-vehicle collision accident, Kyle lost his life. Bryce Horton’s little brother Kyle was full of life and joy. Kyle was the sunshine to his loved one’s morning. Friends and family were in disbelief that Kyle died in a tragic accident on 19th August. 

Disclaimer: The article has delivered sad news of Kyle Horton’s passing away on 19th August in a car crash at Baker. 

More Details About Car Accidents

Kyle was in his Ford Mustang when he became the victim of a multi-vehicle collision involving another car and a semi-heavy vehicle tractor-trailer. The accident took place near the Lerdo Exit of Highway 65.

Injuries he sustained during the Collison were so fatal that the rescue team pronounced him dead at the site. They tried to revive kyle, but he did not respond. Kyle died at the young age of 28 years. 

Details About Kyle Horton

Kyle was the little brother of famous social media influencer Bryce Horton. He had strong ties with his brother, brother’s wife, and children. What Happened to Kyle is still an unbelievable thing. Kyle was joyful, and everyone who knew Kyle was fond of him. He also had a strong standing in his community and knew everyone around him.

Kyle’s loved one is called the ‘Life of a Party.’ Sadly, Kyle left behind his 2 years-old son and his fiancé (whom he proposed a few weeks ago). Jori Kinney was his fiancé and mother to his son. Sadly, this family can never be the same after Kyle’s death. Kyle did his college from Long Beach City College and high school from Frontier High School. 

Reddit Post 

A post (which is now deleted) informed about the death of Kyle Horton sometime before his brother posted on his Instagram. This news was posted by the account ‘Content-Kangaroo-322’, and the netizen was heartbroken by the news. The reason for the deletion of the post is unknown.

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More Social Media Links 

Kyle’s Instagram:

Kyle posted a photo 7 weeks ago where he was proposing to Jori on his knees. 

Bryce’s Instagram:

Bryce has posted a heartfelt message for his late brother, Kyle Horton, on his account. Bryce posted the first official news about Kyle’s passing and How Did Kyle Horton Die.

Many people who knew Kyle took stories about him to their Instagram, and it is trending. Kyle served in Marine Corps’ recruiting department as a Platoon RO. 


The article talks about the heartbreaking news of the passing away of Kyle Horton, who was the beloved little brother of Bryce Horton. He was killed in an accident on 19th August 2023 at Highway 65. He left behind a two-year-old son, Jori, his fiancé, and his family. Everyone loved how cheerful Kyle was, and he always had a smiling face. To know more about Kyle Horton’s fiancé, click here.

Did you know about the Cause of Death of Kyle Horton? Please leave your words of support for the Horton family through comments.

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