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Kurush Mistry LinkedIn: Who Is Shailja Gupta? Check About Twitter, Freepoint!

This article aims to update the readers about Kurush Mistry Linkedin and his wife, Shailja Gupta, and the viral Twitter Freepoint controversy,

Did you hear about the involvement of Kurush Mistry in an Israel controversy? India, United States, and audiences from all around the world are curious to know how Kurush Mistry has paid for their action. 

If you are willing to learn about the update, you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn more about Kurush Mistry Linkedin.

What is the information on Kurush Mistry Linkedin profile?

According to his LinkedIn account, he has more than 500 followers and is a Premium member of LinkedIn. Since he joined the LinkedIn community, he has not posted anything on his account. Before the controversy, he worked as an Oil analyst at Free Point Commodities. He joined there in September 2014, and it’s been more than 9 years since he has been a part of Free Point.

Before Kurush Mistry Freepoint job, he was working at Morgan Stanley Capital International as a Commodities Trader. He joined them in August 2009 and worked there till 2014. According to his LinkedIn profile, he completed his education at Indian Institute of Management, India. It is acknowledged worldwide for its exceptional standards in management education. It was a three-year course where he was into Activities and societies: Finance Club, Music Club.

Points on Kurush Mistry Twitter Controversy

  • Journalist Andy Ngô from The Post Millennial on X Posted the viral video of Kurush Mistry and gained widespread popularity from there.
  • Kurush Mistry and his wife, Shailja Gupta, were captured in a viral video as they posted antisemitic posters over images of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas, all while chanting anti-Israel slogans.
  • Because of this action, he was fired from his position at Free Point Commodities.

Reaction to Kurush Mistry Twitter Controversy 

This Kurush Mistry Twitter Controversy has left people speechless and in anger. People were concerned about how educated people could do such things openly on the internet without fearing anything. 

People made hate comments about his wife as she was also supporting him in these stunts. People have also asked the officers to take action against it as it provokes hate against other people’s emotion and their religion.

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Kurush Mistry Freepoint comments on Kurush’s anti-Israel abuse.

Free point commodities cleared their side through their public Twitter post. Where they clarify they believe in mutual tolerance and respect. But they will not entertain any hate speech against any community. 

They added that they were well aware of the anti-Israel posters’ comments, and the person associated with this, Kurush Mistry, is now not associated with Free Point commodities.

Information on Kurush Mistry Shailja Gupta

  • They both, in the past, have harassed a person who was also Jewish.
  • When that Jewish person confronted Shailja Gupta and her husband Kurush Mistry, they reacted rudely when Kurush showed him a vulgar gesture, and his wife told him to go away the worst way possible.
  • Some people think Shailja is a Hindu phobic too, who posts against Hindu festivals like Raksha Bandhan.

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Who are Kurush Mistry and Shailja Gupta? Indian couple under fire for telling Jewish man to go back to Israel in viral video
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Kurush Mistry Shailja Gupta both will suffer the consequences of their actions. This matter is going viral like a forest fire, and many people are against it.

Do you think the couple will pay for their action? Tell us how you enjoyed reading the article in the comments below.

Disclaimer- We are not against any religion or community. We respect every religion and belief, and with this write-up, we do not intend to defame any individual.

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