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{Full Watch}Kumar Dharmasena Video Call Leak Video: Is Link For Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter Available? Check Family Details!

Check out the reality of Kumar Dharmasena Video Call Leak Video and find out Kumar’s and public reaction to this whole controversy. Veera Veera.

Have you seen the viral image of Kumar Dharmasena’s video call? Netizens are shocked watching the viral image in which famous cricketer umpire Kumar Dharmasena is lying bare body in the video call. 

People from Sri Lanka and India are asking for the legitimacy of the video and want to know whether Kumar was doing any inappropriate activity on a video call. Therefore, let’s explore the Kumar Dharmasena Video Call Leak Video and get its reality. 

The Reality of Leaked Images and Video

Recently, social media has been trending with a viral image of a famous personality of ICC umpire Kumar Dharmasena. The man in the video looks exactly like Kumar Dharmasena, and he’s lying on the bed, bare body. Netizens believe that the guy in the viral video is Kumar, but his side has no confirmation or words.

People are posting nasty comments on Twitter and asking for the full video link to find out the legitimacy of the image and get to know who he is talking to. The whole viral video created chaos in social media, and people eagerly awaited the full video. Unfortunately, no such video is available on social media; the only viral content is the image of a video call.

Social Media Trolling 

People are trolling Kumar on his Instagram regarding the viral video call image. Whether the person in the video call is allegedly Kumar or not, somehow, people have decided to drag the ICC empire into the chaotic environment. As a result, netizens are trolling him and commenting on ICC’s official handle regarding eliminating him from the association. 

Moreover, many people from other regions of the country, including Australia and Canada, are making reaction videos on TikTok featuring the viral video call image of Kumar. No matter what, the viral video call image drops his reputation in the ICC club, and it won’t come to any conclusion until and unless Kumar denies his presence in the video. 

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Full Video Link 

The most recent tweet is regarding the full video link of Kumar Dharmasena. If there’s any full video available of Kumar Dharmasena, it could be easy to identify the person in the video and put allegations on it. It is hard to believe whether people are watching the video of Kumar to make one or defame him in the ICC club.

However, there are many Telegram groups where the admin shares a redirect link to Google Drive to download the full video of Kumar Dharmasena. Surprisingly, even after sharing the full video, no single clip of him is available on social media. So, it is hard to say that any video is available of him making video calls. So, it is hard to say that any video is available of him making video calls.

Reaction of Kumar’s Family 

There are no words from the Kumara family regarding the whole video call scenario. Kumar is married to Dushanthi and has 4 children: Ashi, Amaya, Ashalya, and Kavishka. Kumar lives with his family in Colombo, Sri Lanka

After the controversial scenario, people watched his contribution to the ICC on YouTube. People are appreciating his role in the ICC tournaments.

Social Media Link:


What’s with all the Kumar Dharmasena memes?
by u/Im_batmannn_69 in srilanka


Final Verdict

The viral image of the video is going viral on social media, which features the famous ICC umpire Kumar Dharmasena. People are commenting on the image to find out its legitimacy. However, there is no confirmation from any of the parties.

Do you think Kumar is the person in the viral video? Comment Below.

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