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Kujira Crypto (Dec 2021) Chart, How To Buy?, Price

Please get to know about the latest news of Kujira Crypto, which recently ended its IDO sale.

Are you new to the crypto world? And searching for a great investment option? Then today’s post will surely help you that informs you everything about a new coin which is quite popular in Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Until the end, please read the complete post about Kujira Crypto, its current price, founder details, recently ended IDO details, and many more crucial data. So without any further delay, let’s dive directly into the topic.

About Kujira Cryptocurrency

Kujira levels the DeFi playing field by creating dApps for regular cryptocurrency users. Kujira is a team of blockchain, software development, and finance that specifically focuses on areas of Decentralized Finance that are reserved for ‘techies.’

The team is highly committed to helping investors beyond ICO’s, Exchanges, and staking by opening opportunities reserved for elites, whales, and insiders. It generates easy and less expensive tools which everyone can use. You can read more details of Kujira Crypto on its official site.

Introduction to ORCA

ORCA launches Kujira; it is an easy-to-use, economical platform used to bid at a discount with the click of a button. No bots, no code, no complications. Using ORCA trading of Crypto made it easy here participants don’t need huge amounts of liquidity and digital contract coding knowledge to participate in liquidations.

Founder of Kujira Coin

The exact name of the founder of the Kujira coin is not mentioned on its official website. However, it states that the firm is built with great passion, and all the team members are highly experienced in the core field. 

Current Price of Kujira Crypto

Since it is a new coin and not available for trading yet, its current trading price is still unknown, and if any information is obtained in the future, we will surely mention it here in this article. So visit us for more updated details.

IDO Metrics

  • Token Ticker symbol: $KUJI
  • Blockchain Network: Terra
  • Listing Date: 19.11.2021|
  • Total Supply: 150,000,000
  • Project Valuation: 27,000,000 UST
  • Initial Token Circulation: 6,701,250
  • Initial Market Cap: 1,206,225 UST
  • StarTerra Platform Raise: 3,000,000 UST

Let us jump to the next segment, which tells you about Kujira Crypto liquidation.

How to Make Liquidation?

  • Head to the official site of Kujira and connect Terra wallet.
  • Select the amount of UST you wish to bid and premium. 
  • Hit on the bid tab, and the bid will be activated.
  • When a bid hits, one can automatically withdraw bLUNA.
  • You can place as many bids as you want.
  • By hitting the “cancel” button, you can give back your UST at any time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the official website of Kujira?

A1. The official website of Kujira is https://kujira.app/.

Q2. Is Kujira Crypto listed on Coinmarketcap?

A2. No, it is still not listed on coinmarketcap.

Q3. Who are the partners and investors of Kujira?

A3. Qi capital, Gains Associates, Exnetwork Capital, Capital, Satrterra, and many more. You may read more about the coin here. 


The team built an open space for everyone virtually, making it people easy to take part in DeFi. Observing the team’s effort and plans, Kujira looks promising and bright token, but it is too early to comment on its future. So follow one golden rule in Crypto, invest in how much you can afford to lose.

What is your opinion about the new token? Do you consider investing in Kujira Crypto? Do share your words with us in the comments box below. Also, beware of common Crypto scams in the crypto world

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