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The article about the Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter has revealed some shocking details about the case. Please read the article properly. 

Do you know the Kuaron Harvey case? Who was Paris Harvey? What did the young girl Paris do? When did this incident happen? Who was Kuaron Harvey? Are you curious about the Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter assassination case? People all Worldwide were unprepared to know the details about this unfortunate Kuaron and Paris Harvey case. Let us have a look at the case.


Details into the Case of Kuaron Harvey 

The case of Paris and Kuaron Harvey happened back on 25th March 2022. This case is in trend again after over a year; people are not over this horrifying case. In addition, the footage from the case has been uploaded again on Twitter. This incident involves 2 minor kids named Paris and Kuaron. When the 12-year-old Paris goes to her 14-year-old cousin’s birthday Kuaron, she gets the hold of a pistol. The story of misfortunes starts from here. 

Disclaimer: We have a friendly suggestion to all our readers; the viral video about this case can be disheartening; please avoid it.

In-Depth Details on Video Viral On Reddit Kuaron Harvey

After little Paris got the hold of a semi-automatic pistol or a firearm (the round was fully loaded), she tried to grip the pistol, and it took some effort, but she held it in one of her arms. Both Kuaron and Paris went live on social media. Then, while on the live session, Paris kept the gun against her cousin’s right ear and accidentally fired it because it was not locked. 

A huge firing noise filled the surroundings; Paris was shocked to see Kuaron lying on the ground, lifeless and covered in blood. She trembled with the fear of killing Kuaron. All of this was recorded on the Instagram live video. 

What happened to Paris?

Per claims and police reports, Paris likely committed suicide because she was petrified of assassinating her cousin. This case is history’s one of the most spine-chilling and disheartening cases. That day was Kuaron’s birthday, and Paris went to her cousin’s home to celebrate the occasion. 

The incident happened on Friday at around 2:00 am; many claimed that Paris shot herself accidentally as well. Paris’s mother told sources she left behind at her cousin’s house after a birthday party. Every source has confirmed the case was an accident and a suicide case because the kids were recording Tiktok videos and playing with the gun, but things got out of control. 

Additional Details 

The kid’s grandmother told police that there were no heated arguments and the family of both the kids was one. They will support each other now rather than play the blame game. She also clarified that the gun was fired by mistake and not intentionally. 

There is a discussion on the internet about why Paris committed suicide and other things. But the police investigation into the matter is going on, and nothing is clear yet. The incident video was also trending on Youtube.


The article has discussed the heart-breaking case where a 12-year-old accidentally shot her cousin and then herself after the latter’s birthday party. The younger kid got the hold of a pistol, and it was loaded. While playing, she shot by mistake, and this incident killed both the kids. All this mishappening was recorded on the live video. For more details, click here and read.

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Must Read Updates on Kuaron Harvey Live Video: FAQs

Q1. Who was Paris Harvey?

A1. Paris was a 12 years old girl; she went to her cousin’s home to celebrate his birthday.

Q2. Who was Kuaron Harvey?

A2. Kuaron Harvey was a 14-year-old boy who celebrated his birthday on Friday, 25th March 2022.

Q3. What happened on the night of 25th March 2023?

A3. Paris and Kuaron were playing with a gun, and both died after Paris fired the gun accidentally.

Q4. Is there any recording of the Paris and Kuaron Harvey case?

A4. Yes, the whole incident was caught on an Instagram-live session.

Q5. Is any video on Kuaron and Paris Harvey’s case available on Telegram?

A5. Videos were available on social media, but due to their highly sensitive content, some platforms may have removed the video of Paris Harvey’s accidental shooting.

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