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[Watch Video] Kuaron Harvey Original Video Leaked On Twitter: Is It Available On Instagram, Reddit

What is Kuaron Harvey Original Video Leaked on Twitter? What are the Instagram and Reddit details? Check Here!

Why is Kuaron Harvey Original Video Leaked on Twitter trending? Who is Kuaron Harvey? Where is the original video leaked? Why are people searching for Kuaron Harvey? Who is Paris Harvey? What happened to Kuaron and Paris Harvey? The internet users are interested in knowing about this case from Worldwide.   

Kuaron Harvey Original Video Leaked on Twitter

As per the news, a heart-breaking incident happened back in March 2022. When two cousins were on a live stream Instagram playing with a gun, the gun went off. As a result, it killed both the cousins one by one. It was Paris Harvey’s birthday, and Kuaron, along with his family, joined to celebrate the occasion.

An incident where both the kids were killed brutally and shocked their family. It has shocked a lot of people from all around the world. People are sad to hear about the death of two young and innocent souls. We will discuss the topic in detail here. 

Kuaron Harvey Original Video Leaked on Twitter

More Details on Kuaron Harvey Instagram

The incident took place when, after Paris Harvey’s birthday party, Kuaron Harvey had a night stay at his cousin’s house. Because they wanted to play all night and spend some time together. The kids were playing till late at night. Around 2:00 am, Paris got her hands on a gun. From there, everything turned sour.

The duo was live streaming on their Instagram from the apartment’s bathroom, and Paris had a gun in her hands. She was playing with it and jokingly kept the gunpoint towards his brother Kuaron. The kids might have thought that the gun was unreal or that it might be unloaded. 

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Kuaron Harvey Reddit Information

However, unfortunately, the gun was loaded, and it went off, killing Kuaron Harvey at once. Paris was shocked and flabbergasted at the event. She could not process and tried to inspect the gun. They took the gun towards her and started to inspect how it went off. While doing this, the gun went off again, killing Paris Harvey as well.

Both the cousins died a few minutes apart. The entire incident was recorded on camera on their livestream. The people watching the stream witnessed the whole incident that took place on 25 March 2024. It was Kuaron Harvey Instagram or Paris’s Instagram. It is not known. 

Statements by the Harvey Family

While the people were suspecting it to be a suicide and killing. The Harvey family strongly Comden such thoughts. They have said that it was an accident, a very terrible accident. Paris and Kuaron’s grandmother also said that it was a tragic faith for both of them. The incident happened because of the gun, and it should not have been in the kid’s hand. But the gun was in the hands of Paris at the wrong time. 


Today’s article on Kuaron Harvey Reddit discusses the details of the almost two-year-old case. The incident killed 14-year-old Kuaron and 12-year-old Paris Harvey. It was Paris’s birthday, and the cousins got together to celebrate it. After the party, Kuaron stayed with Paris for a night to play with her. But, the heart-wrenching death of both the kids has shattered the family. If you wish to know more, click here and read

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