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Ksi Lost Crypto {May} Read This Shocking New Here!

Are you inquiring about the latest news of a YouTuber losing capital due to a cryptocurrency? Please concentrate on the underlying sections to capture in-depth information. 

Cryptocurrency is praised by many individuals Worldwide, but not every time it helps to gain profit. Furthermore, cryptocurrency sometimes causes huge losses, as seen recently in YouTuber KSI’s case. So, in this write-up, we will express how and why Ksi Lost Crypto. Thus, we urge you to read the below paragraphs properly to know more hints.

Describing The News

According to the threads, KSI, a famous YouTuber, posted an announcement on Wednesday over his crypto-oriented Twitter account regarding the LUNA Token price drop. Moreover, he stated that he lost a huge capital due to the recent price drop. 

As he made the statement, it turned into a trendy topic many people discussed over social networks. So, if you want to collect more informative knowledge about this topic, you can shift your eyeballs to the next passage. 

Detailed View Of Ksi Lost Crypto Terra 

We spotted that LUNA, the famous cryptocurrency, is connected to TerraUSD (UST) during the research. But, on 9th May 2022, the UST lost its balance and dropped to 38 cents. As per his statement on Twitter, he invested nearly $2.8 million in LUNA, but when he made the post, its price was less than 50k. 

So, let us know how the YouTuber reacted after encountering loss with LUNA in the underlying paragraphs. 

What Happened To KSI After The Loss?

After stating the loss, KSI frequently started posting comments explaining that he was not much affected by this loss since he learnt many things with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, from the Ksi Lost Crypto threads, we observed that he commented money is not as crucial as family, friends, and health, and he is now at peace. However, through a source, we found one of his statements implying that he made and lost a lot of capital through cryptocurrency. 

Also, we discovered that after losing money in LUNA, he posted the news around 12 hours later on Twitter. Observing the KSI statements, many Twitter users commented on his post. So, if you eagerly want to know what the users have opined on the KVI loss, please go through the passage given below. 

How Are His Fans Commented?

As he announced the Ksi Lost Crypto news, many users, including his followers, commented. After looking at the comments, we understood that most individuals drafted supportive thoughts, while a few stated the dangerous consequences of the recent loss. However, KSI was previously trapped in an identical situation where he lost about $5.1 million in January 2021. 

The Bottom Line 

This write-up described the updated news on KSI, the YouTuber losing huge money while trading with Luna or Terra crypto. As per the Ksi Lost Crypto threads, he also faced loss during January 2021 due to a cryptocurrency. Read about KYI here  

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