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Kryll Crypto Price {Nov} Contract Address, How To Buy?

KRL has become a powerful Crypto, existing for a long time. This article gives information about Kryll Crypto Price.

With tremendous technological development in artificial intelligence in the United Kingdom and the United States, many fields are getting automated. With the help of advanced technology, Kryll.io, based in France, has launched the Kryll platform and KRL tokens. The unique feature of Kryll is that it provides a marketplace where experienced traders and investors use their knowledge to develop a strategy to trade Kryll Crypto.  

Let us read a comprehensive review of Kryll Crypto Price.

What is Kryll? 

Kryll Crypto is an Ethereum token. Traders and investors use various algorithms based on ICHIMOKU, MACD, BOLL, WMA, SMA, and RSI to design and share the best Kryll Crypto trading strategies. Surprisingly, an investor need not know programming (or) software development. 

They can create and feed their strategies in the marketplace with the help of Visual editor, which is an easy to use drag and drop editor. Kryll Crypto is a platform used to build crypto trading strategies with Zero software development skills. The Kryll marketplace allows such investors to utilize strategies created by other traders from the community to decide Kryll Crypto Price at which they want to trade KRL.


Luca Benevolo and Philippe Longere are the Founders of Kryll Crypto. 

Philippe Longere holds rich experience as a Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Cryptense since 2017. He is also serving as Yoda of Coders In Black since 2014. Philippe was also Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Moving Player in 2011. He was a Research and Development Manager at Neon Graphics for 7.6 years and an Engineer at m-Pixel.

Luca Benevolo has been the Chief Executive Officer at Cryptense since 2017. He is also an Expert DevOps at Coders In Black since 2014. Due to his expertise, the Kryll Crypto Price is high. He was DevOps & Cyber Security Consultant at BLL Consulting for 9 years and 11 months. He was a Co-Founder & CEO of Moving Player for 9.7 years. He was associated with Research and Development in various companies for more than 5.7 years.

Price Statistics:

  • Kryll Price – $3.03
  • Price Change 24h – $-0.001519, up by 0.05%
  • Kryll ROI – 1415.97%

Kryll Price History:

  • All Time Low – 11th December 2018 (3 years ago) at $0.02144, low by 14050.67%
  • All-Time High – 6th November 2021 (2 days ago) at $4.76, up by 36.21%
  • Kryll Crypto Price at 52 Week Low/52 Week High – $0.1015/$4.76
  • 90d Low/90d High – $0.2106/$4.76
  • 30d Low/30d High – $0.3096/$4.76
  • 7d Low/7d High – $2.06/$4.76
  • 24h Low/24h High – $2.86/$3.60
  • 24h Open/Close – $3.42/$3.12
  • 24h Change – 8.93%

Kryll Market:

  • Market Cap – $114,790,924.86, 0.90%
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap – $149,933,219.36, up by 0.90%
  • Volume/Market Cap – 0.4101
  • Market Dominance – 0.00%
  • Market Rank #444
  • 24h Volume – $53,304,264.48
  • Trading Volume 24h – $47,079,875.54, up by 25.03%

Kryll Supply:

  • Circulating Supply – 37,834,598 KRL
  • Total Supply – 49,417,348 KRL

How to buy KRL at KuCoin at the best Kryll Crypto Price?

  • Access KuCoin app
  • For receiving USDT from Binance, copy the USDT address from KuCoin
  • Past the address in Binance to send USDT to KuCoin
  • Transfer USDT from KuCoin to your trading account
  • You are now all set to purchase Kryll Crypto with USDT.


1Q. What is the official address to purchase Kryll Crypto?

Ans.0x464eBE77c293E473B48cFe96dDCf88fcF7bFDAC0 is the official address to purchase Kryll Crypto.


Trading on different exchanges allows you to send KRL to your Kryll account to pay fees for utilizing strategies. It has become a powerful Crypto with a good Kryll Crypto Price as investors with less experience can also utilize strategies for earning profits. It is a good investment option.

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Do you want to know about trading Kryll at Liquid? Let us know your views about Kryll Crypto.

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