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Kpop Heardles {April} Check Here, Details Of The Game!

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Are you a fan of Wordles and love the different spin-offs released these days? You won’t be oblivious to Heardle, which is also a type of Wordle game inspired by the puzzle game. 

Wordle, which grew popular instantly among the audience in the United States from its release, has paved the way for many variations and spin-offs. In this article, we will discuss Kpop Heardles and elaborate on how to play the game.

What is K-Pop Heardle?

The latest is Heardle which is based on the task of completing a puzzle by listening to it. Before we understand the gameplay, let us highlight what K-pop is heardle. As the name is self-explanatory, K-pop Heardle is based on guessing K-pop songs within six attempts. The gameplay is similar to other Wordle and heardle versions with a slight change.

It is designed for players fond of K-pop music, and the game provides the platform to explore their knowledge about pop music. We will explore more about Kpop Heardle. 

More details about Heardle

Heardle is a game that is set on similar parameters as that of Wordle. However, the perk of this game is that it is based on guessing the correct song instead of words. Thus, the musically twisted wordle game is Heardle, and it provides a platform for all those who are fond of music and songs.

Besides, the success of Heardle has also led to many other versions and spin-offs being created that are designed on similar lines. The latest here is K-pop heardle, which is based on guessing correct pop music by listening to the intro music for 1 second.

Kpop Heardles – How to Play the Game?

Are you too fond of brainstorming your prowess about pop music? Then below listed is the gameplay for K-pop Heardle, which are as follows:

  • Players will have to guess the correct song from the snippets provided
  • The snippets will be provided in the form of clips which the player has to guess within 1 or 2 seconds of the intro song
  • Besides, you have six attempts to guess the correct song
  • On skipping an attempt, the music will go up to 16 seconds, thereby providing more chances for players to make the correct guess.
  • Like Wordle, Kpop Heardle releases one song per day across the United States and globally for audiences to make correct guesses.

Final Conclusion

The game is broadly based on guessing the correct song by listening to the intro music. However, with every wrong guess, the music will be played for up to 16 seconds, and herein the player has to guess within six attempts.

Besides, the game is all about testing the prowess of pop music and your guessing power. We hope this article provides sufficient information about the game and how it is played. Do you want to know more about Kpop Heardles, visit.

Have you played the game? Do share your experience and feedback.

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