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The below post on Scam will provide all the information about this scam and the steps to avoid being scammed by this scam.

Are you informed of the new scams that are being committed today? Do you know about the Kotashop scam? Are you a victim of this con as well? Do you know how con artists use this website to con people? If you’re interested in finding answers to these questions, this article is for you, and you’ve come to the perfect place. 

Not just you but residents across the United States are highly interested in learning more about this hoax. This article about the scam will give you all the details and advice on how to avoid falling victim to it.


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The Kotashop Call Scam

The fraud starts with a computerized call where the con artist impersonates a Lost Prevention Center representative. They let the recipient know that their Wells Fargo Visa card has seen recent activity before explaining that a $120.40 purchase at was rejected to protect their account. The recipient is asked to contact back on a toll-free number, particularly 1-866-357-1076, to fix the problem.

Beware Robocall Scam Targets Scam Users! 

Scammers have started using a variety of strategies lately to trick unwary people. One such technique uses robocalls, with a specific fraud centred on These con artists get in touch with potential victims, telling them that their most recent credit card purchases from require verification. To avoid becoming a victim of these impersonators, detecting this fraudulent activity and taking the necessary precautions is crucial.

Identifying Warning Signs of These Scam Tactics

When receiving such calls, it is imperative to exercise caution and scepticism. Despite the fact that the robocall might appear plausible, there are a number of warning signs that people should be aware of Scam:

  1. Unwanted phone calls 

Instead of the victim making contact, scammers frequently do so. Exercise care if you get a call out of the blue about an order you don’t remember making.

  1. Use of urgency and fear: 

Scammers use methods to instill panic and a sense of urgency, urging victims to take quick action. They assert that the payment method has temporarily been disabled and that immediate verification is necessary. Keep in mind that respectable financial institutions would never use such tactics. 

  1. Personal information requests: 

Reputable websites, banks or credit card companies never ask you for sensitive or personal information via the phone. On the other side, fraudsters can ask for your card number, date of expiration, CVV code, or other private information. Never reveal any private information.

Transcript of the Scam call

An essential message from the Lost Prevention Center. The Wells Fargo Visa card’s most recent activity needs to be verified. You attempted to make a $120.40 purchase at, but it was rejected to protect your account. Your card has been temporarily banned pending additional verification. Please give us a call at 1866-357-1076, which is toll-free. I’m grateful.

Social Media Link:-

We are unable to attach the social media links because this scam has no active social media available.

The Last Words

Robocalls posing as Lost Prevention Center staff and alleging illicit transactions from Scam are used to con consumers in the scam. Be cautious, refrain from disclosing private data, and hang up to protect yourself. To confirm any odd activity, get in touch with your bank immediately through reliable contacts. Increase awareness and protect yourself against this trick. 

What are your opinions against the Kotashop scam? Let us know in the comments section. Scam FAQs:-

Q1. What is the scam, exactly? 

The scam involves making phone calls to potential victims

Q2. How do swindlers exploit the website?


Q3. What phone number was utilized in the scam? 


Q4. Which are the red flags for this scam? 

Annoying phone calls, use of haste and panic, and inquiries for private data are all warning signs.

Q5. Can I provide you with my personal information via the phone? 


Q6. What safeguards can I take against the scam? 

By avoiding calls from the above number.

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