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Koromaru Coin (Nov 2021) Prediction, Contract Address!

This topic below contains additional details of Koromaru Coin, an ETH ERC 20 type digital currency launched in 2021 with a moderately good potentiality.

KOROMARU is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that was launched recently. The current supply of KOROMARU is about a1 000 000 000 000 000 crypto coins, and the last known price was about 0.000000000194USD, which is up by about 66.75 percent within the last 24 hours.

The stock is trading on one active crypto market at present, with a 24-hour trading volume of about $1,126,707.94. If you want are hunting to trade in the United States, Turkey, Australia, United Kingdom, India, and worldwide, you must look at the details below to learn about Koromaru Coin

What is the Koromaru crypto coin?

Koromaru crypto is a decentralized financial billing network that uses blockchain to reconstruct the conventional payment stack. 

To enable programmable pay-outs and the advancement of accessible financial infrastructure, it uses a bag of fiat-pegged stable coins that are algorithmically re-established by its reserve cryptocurrency, KORO. The network has transacted an estimated $299 billion for more than two million users as of December 2020.

Who founded the Koromaru crypto coin?

There are presently no details available about the founders and creators of the Koromaru crypto coin.

Price chart of Koromaru Coin:

  • Price- $ 0.000000000194
  • Token Type- ETH ERC 20
  • 24 Hours Low- $ 0.000000000166 
  • 24 Hours High- $ 0.000000000371
  • 24 Hours Volume- $ 758 597
  • All-time High- $ 0.000000000375
  • All-time Low- $ 0.000000000043
  • Market Cap- Not Available
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap- $ 1 744 875 
  • Circulating Supply- Not Available
  • Maximum Supply- 9 007 199 254 740 991
  • Total Supply- 1 000 000 000 000 000 KORO crypto coins
  • Holders- 1,720
  • Decimals- 9
  • Transfers- 2,859
  • Market Rank- #3290
  • Contract Address- 0xD0D42005e7B3c0812b1268F0e5FAF97Ff2423651

KOROMARU to USD conversion rate:

  • 1 Koromaru token = 0.00000000019 USD
  • 2 Koromaru tokens = 0.00000000040 USD
  • 3 Koromaru Coin = 0.00000000060 USD
  • 4 Koromaru tokens = 0.00000000080 USD
  • 5 Koromaru tokens = 0.0000000010 USD
  • 10 Koromaru tokens = 0.0000000020 USD
  • 20 Koromaru tokens = 0.0000000037 USD
  • 50 Koromaru tokens = 0.0000000093 USD
  • 100 Koromaru tokens = 0.000000019 USD

Price Prediction and Statics of Koromaru crypto coin:

The price predicted for Koromaru crypto coin over the coming years is as follows:

  • The price of the Koromaru crypto coin might reach 0.0000000003 USD by 2022.
  • The price of the Koromaru crypto coin might reach 0.0000000004 USD by 2023.
  • The price of the Koromaru crypto coin might reach 0.0000000005 USD by 2024.
  • The price of Koromaru Coin might reach 0.0000000006 USD by 2025.
  • The price of the Koromaru crypto coin might reach 0.0000000007 USD by 2026.

Is Koromaru crypto coin a good investment?

The current price of the KOROMARU crypto coin is approximately 1.94e-10 USD and a twenty-four-hour trading volume of about 770 530 USD. There is a maximum supply of about 9 007 199 254 740 991 KOROMARU crypto coins and no circulating supply.

However, it would help if you explored Koromaru crypto Coin before trading this recent digital currency.

How to buy the Koromaru crypto coin?

If you are looking to sell or buy, i.e., stake Koromaru Coin, Uniswap (V2) is one of the most successful crypto exchanges to trade.

What are the FAQs?

Q-What is the all-time high of the Koromaru crypto coin?

  1. The all-time high of the Koromaru crypto coin is approximately 0.000000000375 USD.

Q- What is the all-time low of the Koromaru crypto coin? 

  • The all-time low of the Koromaru crypto coin is around 0.000000000043 USD. You can also check here to learn the complete details about the Koromaru crypto coin


KOROMARU crypto coin has dropped 47.55 percent during the last twenty-four hours with an unknown live market cap, and the current ranking of this token in the crypto market is #3290.

The price of Koromaru Coin might change, and its value may rise or decrease. So, you must know the profitability potential of Koromaru before buying or selling it. Moreover, you must check through the facts about Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2021 For Long-Term.

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