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Kmon Coin (Aug) Price, How to Buy? Contract Address

If you are an active trader and willing to invest in new crypto Kmon Coin, check the coin’s unique features and benefits and current status in this entire writing.

Cryptocurrency has grabbed many people’s attention. Traders are gone crazy and stepping forward to invest in multiple crypto coins and want to get good returns quickly. Many coins like Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Doggy coin have reached full scale over the digital market.

We advise you to gather all the required info on crypto before investments. Pouring money on crypto coins are your own risk. This article will introduce you to Kmon Coin and its viral news Worldwide.

Brief About Kmon Crypto:

Kmon coin is a short name of Kryptomons coin, the collectable BEP721 NFT Coin monsters on BSC blockchain. Kmon tokens are listed on PancakeSwap. You can find different elements or an egg with a number to buy, shown on their official website.

Traders can breed eggs with other traders to create new eggs with more power. In addition, game breeding mechanics can generate more eggs. Each egg comes with a code and appearance, stored in a BSC contract. Traders need to take good care of their eggs, or else it gets freeze and needs to pay to unfreeze it. Liquidity locked at 13.7%.

Founders and Developers:

Kmon Coin launched on 7th August 2021.

  • Project and operation lead – Umberto
  • Growth and community – Berenice.
  • Design lead – Maurice
  • Front end developer – Mirdad
  • Growth and Data – Claudio
  • Fundraising Coordinator – Bartolomeo
  • Content and Lore – Carter
  • Advisors – Stefan, Toby, Nimrod, Nicola, Amit, Davi

The Market Price of Kmon Token:

Kmon was brought by BEF20 token; 1 $KMON is equal to $0.0066. PancakeSwap V2 is the active exchange. 

  • The price on the BscScan exchange is $0.00, and there are 4,214 holders.
  • On Poocoin – $0.000000000102451
  • On CoinAlpha – $0.000000000037011, the price is down to 0.56% in the last 1 hour.

Supply and The Market Cap of Kmon Coin:

The total supply of Kmon Crypto is 100,000,000 KMON. The live market cap is 37011. The contract address of the coin contains 18 decimals which is 0x0D9E6774Bbaf97658F11770775073c9Ac4381.

How To Trade Kmon Token?

As we have already mentioned, the Kmon crypto is on PancakeSwap. So, let’s check the steps to buy it.

  • To buy Kmon, first, buy BNB on Binance; you need to have a Binance account.
  • Login Binance account and go to P2P trading, click to buy and enter the amount and fiat, check the options and buy USDT.
  • Covert USDT to BNB coins and transfer to Metamask Wallet
  • Go to PancakeSwap and then connect to your wallet.
  • Click the trade option, and select Kmon Coin. 

Kmon is a new coin; the price of the coin is less. The Kmon token was released on PancakeSwap V2 on 23rd August.

  • Place the copied contract address and click import and transfer it to your wallet.

Click here to watch a video on how to buy $KMON 

Price Prediction:

The price of the Kmon token was not able to predict as it has fewer holders Worldwide. Therefore, we could not find out the price prediction details but will update you as we found any info.


  1. What is the official website of Kmon Token?

Website: https://kryptomon.co/

  1. Is this safe to invest in Kmon cryptocurrency?

Investing in new coins are risky.


After discussing Kmon Coin, we conclude the coin is new and has low popularity. Therefore, investing in it now is questionable. Is your wallet has a Kmon token? If yes, then mention your views on Kmon crypto. Know here how we can easily spot a bitcoin scammer

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