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Klima Dao Price {Nov} Contract Address, How To Buy?

This article describes a new crypto token introduced to solve carbon market problems using practical solutions and support staking. Read on Klima Dao Price.

Want to know more about the recently launched carbon-based token? If yes, you might have known about the features provided by this carbon-backed crypto that is trending in the crypto community. Read this article completely to understand more fundamental and technical details about this token.

Investors and traders from Canada and the United States are highly bullish on this particular token as it resolves the current issues on the carbon market. So, let’s find out more about Klima Dao Price.


Klima is a digital currency that is carbon-backed. It works on the carbon credits or carbon offsets. Every token has the peculiarity of being traceable and transparent to avoid double offsetting and double-spending. The bonding mechanism plays a crucial role in the management of these credits.

Bonding is the process in which the KLIMA is created by the entry of carbon into the treasury. The traders or investors can purchase this token at a discount price with the help of LP shares and by the bonding of carbon.

Klima Dao Price

  • The price of the token completely depends upon the market sentiments, supply, and demand.
  • The major problems fixed by this token are the inefficiency, opacity, and illiquidity of the carbon markets.
  • KLIMA token provides a fresh supply of BCT.
  • The main focus of this token is to protect the planet from further damage by reducing the activities that endanger the ecosystem.
  • Long-term stability and high transparency are enabled by the token as Klima DAO manages the policies. 
  • This process accelerates economic activities without any environmental damage.

Market Capitalization

  • Current Price: $2,126.24
  • 24 Hour Trading Volume: $404,248
  • Market Cap: Not available. Read more on Klima Dao Price.
  • Total Supply: 252,587
  • 24h Low: $1,247.85 
  • 24h High: $2,544.49
  • ATH: $2,291.83
  • ATL: $1,247.85

Founders and Team

Information related to the founders, investors, and team is not published anywhere on the official website of this token. The details will be updated once an official announcement regarding the same is made.

Where to buy it?

  • KLIMA token can be purchased from Sushiswap (Polygon POS)
  • There are two major options provided to the buyers of this token. The buyer can purchase this token using WMATIC or USDC.
  • The first step involves setting up of the Metamask wallet to the MATIC network. Read about Klima Dao Price.
  • The next step is to purchase enough ETH for the wallet.
  • The purchased ETH needs to be bridged to the network.
  • A network fee needs to be paid for these transactions.
  • Select the contract address and paste it. The contract address can be found on major crypto exchanges and charting platforms.
  • After completing all these processes, swap the coin using the Sushiswap platform.
  • After the successful completion of these steps, the wallet will be credited with KLIMA.
  • The current market price of the token needs to be considered before making any purchase decision.


Q1: Does Klima Dao Price provide any staking facility?

A1: Yes, the holder of KLIMA can stake and earn a high-interest rate by staking a particular amount of the token for a fixed duration. The participants also get the benefits of the price rise.

Q2: What is the contract address of this token?

A2: The contract address of this token is 0xff51854a925a1EF20FC61cb208225Eb3630C6204.


Solving the issues currently available in the carbon market will help develop more similar optimistic projects in the crypto community. To understand more about the topic mentioned above, please visit this link .

Have you tried buying any futuristic tokens similar to Klima Dao Price? If yes, what problem-solving ability of the token impressed you in making that decision? Please comment your opinion below.

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