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Kirk Jan Tan Masipag Scandal And Video: Is It Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube

Misinformation and memes tell the surprising tale of the Kirk Jan Tan Masipag Scandal And Video across RedditTikTokInstagramYouTubeTelegram, and Twitter.

The Kirk Jan Tan Masipag Scandal And Video circulated widely on platforms gaining massive popularity in the Philippines. It’s a prime example of Chinese whispers causing misinformation. Explore how meme creators are using social media to damage Kirk’s reputation.

About Kirk Jan Tan Masipag Scandal And Video:

The buzz about Kirk Jan Tan Masipag’s scandal and video turned out to be untrue. There was no video showing child assault by Kirk. The whole commotion originated from a Facebook post by Namar Dejesus, who shared a fabricated story about Kirk and asked people to spread awareness.

Viral On Reddit:

On December 29, 2023, Namar posted pictures of Kirk having dinner with a young girl named Marnel Miyasan Tuble. The post did not mention the restaurant’s location or provide any additional comments. Twitter did not have Kirk’s viral videos. The post was shared by a user named Namar Dejesus with the ID @61550213311711, who had a profile picture of a mysterious alien under a hoodie. Kirk’s video was not Viral On Reddit; only blogs were trending about Kirk. In the post, Namar claimed the pictures were secured in an iPhone 16 Pro Max by someone named Ante, but no further details about Ante were given.

Viral On Reddit

As time passed, Namar’s post was altered on Twitter and other platforms, and fake screenshots were circulated, mainly on Facebook. Although the original post is no longer on Facebook, it was shared on the page on the same day it was posted.

Kirk videos on Youtube:

On December 30, 2023, at 18:56, Namar revealed that his post about Kirk was a meme idea suggested by Marky Leleng. Youtube did not have Kirk’s assault videos, but only reviews were present. The post, filled with high drama, listed all the crew members involved in the prank, including makeup artists, meme plan leaders, and sources of inspiration from two gaming video creators and a blogger.

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Kirk videos on Instagram:

Misinformation spread like wildfire on social media. A Reddit post suggested that Marnel was being blackmailed. Responding to the post, a Redditor claimed to know a 17-year-old girl and accused Marnel of being a paedophile. Instagram did not have Kirk’s viral videos. 

Kirk videos on Instagram

The narrative shifted from blackmail to child assault, De La Salle University alums on Facebook and using hashtags like #groomer on social media. Other posts condemned Marnel as a cheater, pointing to his marital status and two children above 16 years old.

Truth about Kirk’s videos on Tiktok:

Namar’s Facebook post showed pictures of Marnel having dinner at Starbucks, evidenced by the visible logo on a coffee glass. Namar falsely claimed Marnel was caught at Jollibee, which was contradicted by the Starbucks logo. Tiktok did not have Kirk’s viral videos. Marnel’s Facebook profile, featuring numerous photos with students, indicated a familiar indoor setup at Starbucks, suggesting his regular visits to the coffee shop. Namar’s picture posts don’t show physical assault, and Namar did not post any physical assault video of Kirk. Telegram did not have Kirk’s viral videos.

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Social media links:

Sino ba si Kirk John Tan Masipag at bakit ba siya sumisikat sa FB ngayon?
byu/Amazing_Landscape866 inAskPH

I’m so confused so is this alleged groomer’s name Kirk John Tan Masipag or Marnel John Miyasan Tuble?
byu/hyunbinlookalike inChikaPH


Marnel frequented Starbucks with many female students of lower and higher classes who were underage. Despite this, baseless rumours on Telegram labelled him a sugar daddy. Notably, there’s no grownup content online showing Marnel grooming or assaulting minors. Namar’s disclosure of the meme plan brings clarity, yet users are sharing unverified news about the Kirk Jan Tan Masipag Scandal And Video

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