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Killer Sally Mcneil Wikipedia: Is She Married & Have A New Husband Now? Check Link for Netflix Documentary for Birthday, Wiki & Actual Facts!

The article details every minute detail about Killer Sally Mcneil Wikipedia and gathers the pieces of Sally Mcneil and her whereabouts.

Have you heard of the new Netflix series Killer Sally? The series is a documentary on the murder of Ray Mcneil, who was shot dead by his wife, Sally Lowden. The documentary is watched by people from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

 Sally was born in 1960 and is an American professional bodybuilder. She was convicted of 

second-degree murder on March 19. Read Killer Sally Mcneil Wikipedia to know her details.

What is the story behind Killer Sally?

Sally was accused of killing her husband, Ray Mcneil, after she confessed her crime in front of the police. Sally shot her husband on the night of Valentine’s Day, 1995, after an argument broke out between them. 

Authorities saw Ray bleeding from his abdomen and was shot in his torso. They tied to save him, but eventually, they failed, and Ray lost his life the same night.

Details of Netflix Documentary

The Netflix series “Killer Sally” represented the complete details of the murder on February 14, 1995. It depicts the reason behind the unforeseen murder. Netflix aired Killer Sally on November 2, 2022, and since then, it has become the talk of the town. 

The audience is curious to know about Sally’s whereabouts. Netflix never fails to disappoint its audience and has presented Killer Sally for them to give them a nerve-chilling experience.

Killer Sally Husband Now

Sally Lowden complained of an abusive marriage where she suffered physical and mental abuse. The endpoint was the murder of her husband, Ray Mcneil, in 1995. The murder of Ray gathered limelight from people worldwide. 

Sally served 25 years in prison and is now residing in North California after she was granted parole in 2020. There is no news of her being married again to another man.

Sally Wiki

Sally Lowden served in the US Navy along with her husband Ray Mcneil, and it was there that they both started dating each other and later decided to get married. 

Ray was her fellow bodybuilder. Sally served 19 years in jail after she confessed to her crime.

Full Name Sally Lowden
Date of Birth May 29,1960
Place of Birth America
Age 61
Profession Bodybuilder
Marital status Widow
Nationality American
Kids Two

Are there more details available on Reddit

No special reports about Sally Lowden on Reddit, and crime pictures are revealed on the website. There are comments from the series’ viewers on Reddit and their viewpoints on the series. 

You can go through the comments on Reddit here 

Sally Net Worth

It is estimated that net worth of Sally is $80K-$85K. Her estimated income is from her bodybuilding career and her service to US Navy.

Sally Lowden Birthday

Sally was born on May 29, 1960, in America. No details of her parents are provided anywhere, and no one knows who her parents were. 

We do not know the name of her parents. Even in the series, there is no revelation about her family members or her siblings. Only her birth date and birthplace are known to us.

Who is Sally’s New Husband?

There are no reports of Sally being married again after she was granted parole in 2020. She is a widow and is now residing in North California. 

She does not have a husband for now, and no details of her kids are known. However she was married to Anthony Lowden before she got married to Ray Mcneil.

To whom was Sally Married?

Sally was married to a bodybuilder, Ray Mcneil, who also happened to be a fellow US Navy member. They both started dating and later got married. They were leading a happy life, and many say that represented a happy couple. 


The documentary “Killer Sally” on Netflix has grabbed all the viewers’ attention and shocked them. 

Have you watched the show? More details will unfold in the series. Comment below.

Killer Sally Mcneil Wikipedia-FAQs

Q.1 Who is Killer Sally?

Sally is a known bodybuilder who killed her husband.

Q.2 Why did she kill Ray Mcneil?

She killed her husband after an argument broke out between them.

Q.3 From where can the viewers watch the series?


Q.4 When was the documentary released on Netflix?

November 2, 2022.

Q.5 What is the age of Sally Mcneil?

62 years

Q.6 Was Sally Married before?

Yes, she was married to Anthony Lowden before she got married to Ray.

Q.7 How was Ray Mcneil killed?

Sally killed Ray with a shotgun.

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