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Killaboi Killed Girlfriend: Check Details On Killaboi Confesses To Killing His Girlfriend

This article exposed Killaboi Killed Girlfriend and more about Killaboi’s post and his arrest.

Who is Killaboi? What happened to Killaboi? Killaboi, the Nigerian punter, has flashed a major disturbance online after he responsively pleads guilty to killing his girlfriend. The Social media post revealed the truth in the United States and other countries. Read the Killaboi Killed Girlfriend article for more detailed information about her death.


Killaboi Girlfriend’s Cause of Death

As per sources, Killaboi, a Celebrity punter, has confessed to piercing his girlfriend, Augusta Osedion, to death. Killaboi, A Nigerian punter, has acknowledged his girlfriend to demise over a quarrel. News reports say that the Killaboi are known as Killaverse. He killed his girlfriend, Augusta Osedion, and it is identified on social media. 

As per sources, Killaboi was arrested after two years for his internet scam by the EFCC – Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. Nigerian law execution agency that examines financial crimes. It includes advance payment fraud and cash laundering.

Killaboi Confesses To Killing His Girlfriend

On social media, news platforms recognize that Killaboi’s girlfriend Augusta was allegedly missing for a few days. It was confirmed when Augusta’s mother visited her house in Oral Estate. Augusta lived in Oral Estate, Lagos state’s Ikota area at, Nigeria’s commercial city. 

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Killaboi, Augusta’s boyfriend, the Nigerian Punter, has confessed to piercing her to death over an argument. Continue reading to know more about Killaboi Killed Girlfriend.

Nigerian punter Arrest

EFCC arrested the Nigerian punter, Killaboi after, two years for internet fraud. He made an awful disclosure on social media and admitted to the killing of his girlfriend.

The cheater who expressed regret about the debasement of his life at 26. He posted a series of Instastory and made a dreadful revelation that he falsely killed his girlfriend in a heated argument. However, Killaboi acknowledged that he flew out of distress after murdering her girlfriend. In Killaboi’s posts, the Instagram boy sincerely promised to face the penalties for his actions. 

Killaboi Killed Girlfriend case details

Killobai continuously posted on Instagram that he revealed, and he flew out of fear after pledging the terrible act of killing Augusta, his lover. In his amazing disclosure, Killaboi exposed that he mistakenly stabbed Augusta, his girlfriend, during an argument between the two.

He also posted on Instagram a sincere promise to face the penalties for his actions. He is determined to confirm that his girlfriend gets righteousness. And cannot live with the guilty of his action.

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We concludeon article Killaboi Killed Girlfriend. Killaboi, the popular Nigerian punter, has been arrested for murdering his girlfriend after two years by EFCC. Click the link for more detail about the Nigerian punter Arrest and more.

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Killaboi Killed GirlfriendFAQs

Q1. Who is Killaboi?

Nigerian punter

Q2. Who is Killaboi’s girlfriend?

Augusta Osedion

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