Best Top The Benefits of Kidde Fire Fighting Systems

The Benefits of Kidde Fire Fighting Systems

Kidde Fire Protection provides a variety of fire detection and suppression systems designed to safeguard high-value assets while maintaining business continuity, such as clean agent, carbon dioxide, wet chemical special hazard fire detection systems.

Clean agents like Novec, FE-13 and FM-200 (HFC-227ea) offer convenient total flood type delivery systems to protect important occupied spaces against fire damage.


Kidde fire fighting systems are manufactured with quality and reliability in mind, to safeguard the most valued assets within your business. Engineered to meet individual application specifications, Kidde systems come in an assortment of detection and control products designed to meet industrial or commercial standard fire detection needs.

Kidde’s Restaurant LS Suppression System is engineered to exceed both UL 300 and NFPA standards for fire suppression systems in restaurants. This restaurant fire protection solution uses an eco-friendly wet chemical agent for faster flame knockdown and suppression resulting in reduced installation cost and downtime.

Kidde is accused of concealing evidence that its fire extinguishers were defective and could fail when needed most, according to a lawsuit brought by the U.S. federal government against them. They allegedly possess testing and incident data showing its scope but failed to inform Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of it, while also mishandling complaints about them, according to this complaint.


Kidde products are widely used throughout homes and businesses worldwide. Created to protect lives and minimize property damage by alerting people of potential risks earlier and equipping them to stop fires faster, these innovative devices come in the form of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire suppression systems and much more. With over 80 years of innovation under its belt, Kidde is unmatched when it comes to saving lives and property damage reduction.

Kidde clean agent fire suppression systems offer efficient and cost-effective protection for data processing equipment, healthcare facilities, historical buildings and other locations where water-based systems cannot be implemented. Novec 1230 and FM-200 clean agents quickly suppress fires without leaving behind residue that needs to be cleared away later on.

Carbon Dioxide systems are tailor-built for each hazardous situation, using advanced electric and pneumatic detection units that detect fire before it becomes visible to humans. High-pressure systems come in three configurations – total flooding, local application or hose line application.


Kidde’s fire suppression systems use heat detection technology to quickly extinguish fires before they spread further, saving both time, resources and money while safeguarding assets.

Kiddde’s Novec 1230 and FM-200 clean agent fire suppression systems offer versatile total flood type delivery system platforms designed to safeguard valuable assets in occupied spaces. Their agents disperse quickly, disabling fuel-air pathways required for combustion and extinguishing fires quickly and efficiently.

Kidde’s high-pressure carbon dioxide (CO2) fire suppression systems are tailored for various special hazards and use an advanced electric and/or pneumatic detection system that detects any fire at its inception. Once released into a hazardous area through an integrated pipe network and discharged through strategically positioned nozzles, the high-pressure CO2 quickly extinguishes it; leaving behind no toxic or liquid residue that could compromise equipment or be hazardous to health.


Kidde fire protection systems provide cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and strategies of each business. Their clean room fire suppression system, for instance, mitigates damage to critical IT infrastructure while guaranteeing continuity of communication services – this makes a substantial impactful difference to downtime caused by fire-related damage to computers and IT equipment.

Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems protect occupied areas by rapidly detecting and extinguishing fires in restaurants. Once excessive heat has been detected by fusible links or thermo-bulb detectors, an XV control system activates pressurized agent storage containers while simultaneously turning off fuel and power sources to appliances, activating a building alarm system and dispensing wet chemical agent via Kidde WHDR series cylinders for instantaneous flame knockdown and rapid surface cooling to protect both personnel and property from fire damage.

Kidde offers a selection of fire safety products, such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Their smart wire-free smoke alarms are easy to set up and connect seamlessly with other smoke and CO alarm units in the home, fulfilling UL 268 7th Edition compliance standards.

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