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Kevin Steven Salim LinkedIn: Explore Complete Details On Instagram Account

Check here why people are searching for Kevin Steven Salim LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

Why is Kevin Steven Salim social media account widely searched? Who is he, and does he have a LinkedIn profile? What happened on 23 October with him that made him a popular personality from Indonesia? Let us discuss every detail through our post on Kevin Steven Salim LinkedIn.

Is Kevin Steven Salim LinkedIn account active?

The LinkedIn account of Kevin Steven Salim was not searched by many before 23 October. However, now, when a mysterious case happens to him, everyone is looking for him. Unfortunately, the account with this personality name is no longer accessible. Hence, it is not active now, or he might have deleted it. 

What happened with Kevin Steven Salim?

According to reports, on the 23rd of this month, an accident was reported in the morning where a luxurious car driver hit a woman on the street and bounced her off. As per CCTV footage and viral news video, the man who was driving the car was Kevin Steven Salim. Kevin Steven’s Instagram was widely searched after this incident.

As per the report, Kevin was speeding from Srengseng Kebon Jeruk towards Kembangan. A woman was sitting on a bike parked on the sidewalk of the road and was talking with her friend. Also, another man was clicking a photograph of her while she was posing in front of the camera.

Kevin lost control of his Fortuner car and hit the motorbike. After this accident, the woman was thrown away a distance of 10 meters, and a helmet was seen in the footage. The woman was identified as Nazalla Alfiyani, 18 years old. She received a serious injury and was admitted to the hospital. The whole incident is recorded in camera footage.

Who is Kevin Steven Salim IG?

Kevin Steven Salim is a man involved in the 23 October accident, studied at Singapore Management University. He is 28 years old. The car involved in this incident is Fortuner, with plate number B 2601 BUQ. According to his profile, he is a businessman. His social media account, LinkedIn, is currently inactive after the accident.

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Is Salim caught after this accident?

Police caught Kevin Steven Salim, who was the prime suspect in this accident. After the West Jakarta Metro Police Traffic Unit identified him, they asked Kevin to provide a Urine test. Based on the test result, Kevin was declared negative for liquor and other toxic substance influence. According to the information, Kevin Steven Salim IG, initially denied that he was under the influence of any toxic substances. He said he was not drunk but tired and sleepy. When the incident occurred, he lost control and crashed the bike. As a result of this accident, the woman bounced off the bike and fell to the ground. His friend rush towards her to see what happened.

Social media Account:

LinkedIn: Currently not available 

Kevin Steven’s Instagram


We have discussed the news of the mysterious accident where a Fortuner driver hit a young woman sitting and talking on the side of the road. The woman received a serious injury, and a police investigation is going on for further action. You can check the details of a woman hit by a man in Fortuner in Kembangan here.

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Disclaimer: The article written here is based on viral social media news. We have thoroughly verified and updated it here.

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