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Kevin De Bruyne Linkedin: Who Is Kevin De Bruyne? Explore Full Details On His Padres, TWITTER, And Reddit Account

Kevin de Bruyne LinkedIn will discuss the midfielder of Manchester City and the game on May 9. 

Are you following UEFA Champions League? Do you know what happened in yesterday’s game? An image of a ball kicked is widely shared on social media and is talked about by many. People Worldwide are discussing why Kevin de Bruyne’s goal was not disallowed. For further discussion on what happened, let us review our post on Kevin de Bruyne LinkedIn.

What happened, and why Video Assistant Referee decision is again in highlight?

Kevin De Bruyne’s brilliant shot from the edge in the 67th minute gave Manchester City and Real Madrid Champions League a thrilling end with a 1-1 stalemate. However, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti and others were headstrong that the VAR should have overturned the goal. It is because Bernardo Silva had failed to keep the ball in play. The VAR decision was to uphold the goal.

After this, VAR evaluation got the attention of social media like TWITTERwhere people started discussing it. According to ESPN sources, the goal was upheld because Eduardo gave a bad pass under no pressure after the ball might have left play, causing the attacking phase of play to be reset. Anything obtained prior to that pass is ineligible for review.

The head of world football FIFA, Arsene Wenger, remarked, “Normally, the VAR should determine if the goal is regular or not, and they should have intervened in such a circumstance. They did not go back far enough to determine whether the ball was out.

According to Wikithe technology used in FIFA and UEFA differs. In FIFA WC they have a chip to detect hits or touches, whereas UEFA does not. Broadcast technology is the only source to check the ball’s position since the attacking phase has reset. However, there isn’t a camera angle directly above the sideline like on the goal line.

Real Madrid and Manchester City will face off in a winner-takes-all semi-final second leg on May 17 at the Etihad Stadium, with the score locked at 1-1.

Kevin De Bruyne’s Padres (parents), family, first football:

Kevin De Bruyne is born on 28 June 1991 Drongen, Belgium. His parents live in the London Borough of Ealing. His mother is originally from the UK (where his parents were born) but was born in Burundi, East Africa, where one of his family’s oil companies is located. They didn’t pay Kevin much, but he got what he had. Kevin says his parents taught him to manage himself, and he spends little money in life.

At 14, he left his Padres and home life behind in the village of Drongen on the outskirts of Ghent. There he joined the Genk Academy and only saw his family on weekends. It was the period in which he learned to remain independent. While there, he befriended a family who cared for him. At the age of 14, Kevin could manage on his own. His career began when Genk won the Belgian Pro League in 2010–11. He signed with English club Chelsea in 2012, where he saw limited action before being farmed out to Werder Bremen.

Disclaimer: The write-up presented here is based on the opinion of experts, and we are writing it for an informational purpose.

Relationship and personal life of Kevin De Bruyne:

Kevin’s ex-girlfriend left him for Thibaut Nicolas Marc Courtoisa Belgian professional footballer. In the autobiography by Kevin, “Keep it Simple,” he wrote,” Despite the fact what Nicolas Marc has done, they continue to work together professionally. He still cannot believe this.”

De Bruyne has been married to Michèle since June 2017 after dating in 2014. The couple have three kids in total.


People on social media like Reddit discuss the VAR decision on 9th May Real Madrid and Manchester City UEFA Champions League game. After the decision, we have seen a thrilling end with a 1-1 stalemate. Both teams will face off in a semi-final second leg on May 17 at the Etihad Stadium. You can know details on the club career, international career, stats, and personal life of Kevin de Bruyne here.

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Kevin de Bruyne LinkedIn- FAQs

Who is Kevin de Bruyne?

He is a Belgian professional footballer and midfielder for the Manchester City and Belgium national teams.

What happened in the last game?

In the last game between Manchester City and Real Madrid, VAR’s decision was Goal Stands which has gained much attention from people.

When is the next game between the two teams?

The next game between the two teams is on May 17.

What do people have to say about the previous decision?

Many people, including the head of world football for FIFA, the Real Madrid coach, opened a discussion on TWITTER regarding VAR evaluation.

Is Kevin Married?

The player is married to Michèle Lacroix, and has three kids together.

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