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Kenneth Boxer Egano: Who Was Boxer Kenneth? How Did He Die? Check Full Information Here

In Kenneth Boxer Egano post, we will discuss the death news of the emerging player, how he dies, and more.

Do you know who Kenneth Boxer was? How did he die? What do professional boxers say about this huge loss? Experts across the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Philippines are shocked by the death news of the promising Kenneth Boxer Egano.

Let us read and know what happened and how Kenneth died.


What is the recent news about Kenneth Egano?

Wednesday, May 10, brings sad news for the Filipino boxing community as it brings the death news of the upcoming bantamweight division boxer Kenneth Egano. The professional sports body, Games and Amusements Board (GAB), officially broke the death news on social media. It was heartbreaking news for every sports lover, especially Boxing. He was admitted to the hospital on Saturday, May 6, and died at 22.

How Boxer Kenneth died?

Kenneth Egano was at the “Blow by Blow” boxing event, promoted by former Senator and eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. He suddenly fainted when he was waiting for the outcome of his fight against Jason Facularin. He won this final game but, unfortunately, was carried out of the ring in an oxygen mask on a stretcher.

Kenneth was immediately transferred to Imus Doctors Hospital, where he was then moved to a coma due to a brain hemorrhage. Pacquiao promised to pay Egano’s medical bills earlier this week in a statement while in the hospital. Egano battled a four-day coma struggle and finally lost his life on May 10.

What Boxer Kenneth said to his mother?

Kenneth, a General Santos City native, was an emerging player who had a 7-1 professional win-loss record. He started playing Boxing in 2019. According to one news report, Kenneth promised his mother that he would not continue playing Boxing if he did not become a world champion in three years. The death news of Kenneth at such a young age is shocking for his family and loved ones.

What do professionals have to say about Kenneth?

Pacquiao, who earlier promised to pay the expenses of Kenneth Boxer Egano, rereleased the statement and said, “There is nothing more precious than human life.” He added, “Boxing is a truly dangerous sport, and the boxers deserve nothing less than respect for putting their lives on the line.” “You participate in other sports, but not boxing.”

Facularin, playing against Egano that day, offered his condolences on social media. He said, “It shouldn’t happen when we did our best; I didn’t expect this.” I’m sorry this happened.”

Games and Amusements Board, Blow by Blow, and Hall-of-Fame trainer Freddie Roach also showed their condolences to the family of Kenneth Boxer Egano, and relatives, the Filipino boxing community, and followers and prayed for his soul to rest in peace.

What does previous record show about players’ death in the boxing ring?

According to an analysis, more than eighteen hundred boxers died from a direct injury received inside the squared circle between 1890 and 2019. Prior to Kenneth Egano’s death, the most recent boxing death occurred in June 2022, when South African fighter Simiso Buthelezi was rushed to the hospital and then into a coma, from which he could not recover and died.


The information on Who Is Boxer Kenneth, his statement to his mother, and data on death in the boxing ring is taken from the internet source. We are writing it for the informational purpose.


Kenneth Egano, a Filipino boxer, collapsed while waiting for the result at the Blow-by-Blow event on Saturday, May 6. Unfortunately, on May 10, the death news of the players broke on social media in the professional boxing community. It is heartbreaking news for everyone who knows him personally and professionally. You can check this graphical report on the devastating effects of brain injuries.

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Kenneth Boxer Egano- FAQs

Q1. Who was Kenneth Egano?

Kenneth was an upcoming bantamweight division boxer who had the potential to be a future champion.”

Q2. How did he die?

Kenneth died after he suffered a brain hemorrhage while in hospital.

Q3. When did Kenneth die?

He died on May 10, 2023.

Q4. What was the age of Kenneth Boxer Egano?

Boxer Egano was 22 years old at the time of his death.

Q5. What does Pacquiao say about this loss?

Pacquiao said Boxing is a truly dangerous sport, and the boxers deserve nothing less than respect for putting their lives on the line. “You participate in other sports, but not boxing.”

Q6. Where does Kenneth belong to?

Kenneth belongs to Phillippines.

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