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Kendall Jenner Pregnant Photo – More On Bad Bunny, Is He Still Dating Kendall Jenner?

Here, we provide the facts behind rumors of Kendall Jenner Pregnant Photo that made people talk about people thinking that Is she Still Dating Bad Bunny. 

Did Bad Bunny make Kendall pregnant? Many rumors across the United States, Ireland, and many other regions circulated when they saw a photograph of Kendall Jenner online. It made the couple trending again after they dated and connected in February 2023.

Many speculated that Kendall was pregnant with Bad Bunny. Many fans saw them walking on 18th February 2023 on California’s Beverley Hills. So, let us check more about their association and the facts behind Kendall Jenner Pregnant Photo.

Kendall Jenner Pregnant Photo:

A photograph of Kendall Jenner captured recently made many fans think that she is pregnant with Bad Bunny. The truth behind the circulated photograph is only the optical illusion that made viewers, specifically fans, think otherwise.

So, Jenner Kendall is not pregnant with Bad Bunny or anyone else, but Kendall Jenner Pregnant Photo was the perfect well-timed capture in a camera.

Is Bad Bunny Still Dating Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny were seen together on many occasions, making people speculate about their relationship and connection. People saw them together at an after-party at the Met Gala and other specific occasions and places.

Recently, a photograph of Kendall with a baby bump was circulated online, yet it wasn’t the baby bump; in fact, the photographic illusion.

Kendall Jenner Bad Bunny:

Many sources exhibit that Kendall is seeing Bad Bunny, and she likes him. Both of them are seen with each other’s friends, and lately, Kendall is not seen with any other male for quite some time. It made people think about their relationship getting stronger since they get along together very well.

Kendall also feels that Bab Bunny is extremely chill, adores his vibe, and is a fun guy. They were also photographed at a Drake concert on 13th August 2023. Therefore, people believe that the connection between Kendall Jenner Bad Bunny is getting deeper.

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Did Kendall or Bad Bunny respond to the rumors?

Kendall was recently seen in a tight black mini-attire, and a person walked behind Kendall. The person behind him gave the picture the perfect timing and made it exhibit that she was pregnant. Bad Bunny recently mentioned in an interview that it was all funnier for Kendall Jenner Bad Bunny, and such rumors always exist for celebrities.

But, he thinks that celebrities get used to the rumors circulating about them. He believed that it was they who knew the truth, and they enjoyed life as much as they could.

What did Kendall mention about her pregnancy?

Kendall recently mentioned in a movie teaser that she was having a baby, which meant about a horse and not the baby child. She mentioned about it while getting dressed for the Met Gala in 2022.

Kris Jenner, Kendall’s mother, mentioned on The Kardashians that it was time for her to have a child. All such talks and the recent photograph made people believe that Kendall was pregnantIs Bad Bunny Still Dating Kendall Jenner? Since she was dating Bad Bunny, her fans believed that Bad Bunny made her pregnant.

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How Kendall would look if pregnant.
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Kendall Jenner recently made headlines with a picture that showed her pregnancy. But Kendall is not conceiving a child with anyone currently and enjoying life with Bad Bunny and her friends. Both responded to the Kendall Jenner Pregnant Photo rumors and clarified that Kendall is not pregnant.

Did you see Kendall’s latest photograph? Share if you believe she is pregnant.

Disclaimer: We do not favor or criticize any celebrity; rather, we disclose facts circulated in the rumors.

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