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{Watch Video} Kelly Yang LinkedIn: Is She A Youtuber? Check Her Age, Work Info!

To know the information about the Kelly Yang LinkedIn profile and know about Youtuber, Age, and her Work.

Do you know who Kelly Yang is? Why is she going to be discussed? Kelly Yang is a YouTuber and is popular in the United States and TaiwanAfter the news came into the limelight, readers showed deep interest in her profile. Moreover, readers are looking for Kelly Yang LinkedIn profile to find out more information.

What about Kelly Yang LinkedIn profile? 

In our investigation, we did not find Kelly’s LinkedIn profile. Even so, we found a number of profiles with the same name. But among them, Kelly Yang, author or YouTuber, this description profile was not found by us.

So, Kelly Yang LinkedIn profile is not available. However, Kelly is a renowned personality on social media. Kelly is a famous YouTuber. Kelly has an enormous fan following on social media. She is highly active on social media and always shares her videos on Facebook and Instagram.

What about Kelly Yang LinkedIn profile

Due to her leisure clips, draws, and cosmetic tips. Additionally, her Instagram following numbers are over 500,000 as well.

Is Kelly Yang Youtuber?

Kelly Yang is a famous YouTuber and caught the attention of online viewers due to her unique blogs. Taiwanese YouTube celebrity Kelly Yang is well-known for her drawings, tutorials on makeup, and lifestyle vlogs. In 2011, she started her YouTube page, and in 2014, she posted her debut video.

Kelly Yang is a well-known author, lecturer, and teacher who runs the well-liked YouTube channel TheKellyYang.

Is Kelly Yang Youtuber

Kelly Yang Youtuber and social networking blogger, has amassed 750,000 followers on her TheKellyYang YouTube channel. The channel’s primary goal is to educate viewers about writing, narrative, and personal development.

Kelly encourages budding writers and those who wish to improve their writing abilities with her approachable and relevant writing style. She offers insightful advice, methods, and approaches that might help readers become better writers and find their distinctive voices.

After learning about her success, readers are showing deep interest in Kelly Yang Age. However, viewers are getting confused with another similar name, Kelly Yang, who is a renowned author. But to get exact details about the YouTube Kelly Yang, you have to do careful research because both profiles are totally different.

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Kelly Yang Biography-

Real name Keng Mian Yang,
Social media name Kelly Yang
Kelly Yang Age 32-year-old
Date of birth 10th March 1991
Birthplace Taiwan
Education Graduate
University National Chung Cheng University
Master’s degree Computer science
University Carnegie Mellon University
Name of parents Unknown
Affair Unknown
Profession YouTuber
She launched YouTube channel in 2011

What about Kelly Yang Work?

She started her YouTube page in 2011 and started posting videos there in 2014. Kelly interned at Hewlett Packard for a year from 2014 to 2015 before enrolling in Carnegie Mellon University’s master’s program in 2016.

TheKellyYang is a popular YouTube channel with a sizable following. In 2020, she shared a number of images from the Back to the Future series on her Instagram profile. A global audience admires Kelly Yang Work.

KSI, PewDiePie, Coryx Kenshin, and SSSniperWolf were among Her colleagues as well. Moreover, we did not get more details about her net worth. 

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Wrapping Up-

Kelly Yang LinkedIn profile is missing but we found many of exciting detail about the celebrity. At a very young age, Kelly had excellent success, and her video caught the attention of global viewers. Click here

Did you watch Kellys videos? Please share your experience with us in comment section.

Disclaimer- The article is written to educate readers not to promote any celebrity.

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