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Kelly Patrick LinkedIn: Is He Resides In Washington Dc? Has He Performed In Notre Dame Universitry? Find His Konzert 2023, Stats & Roundabouts Details Here!

Read this article, and you will find multiple information that will help you to know some crisp information about Kelly Patrick LinkedIn.

Do you love to hear Kelly Patrick’s songs? Do you know the original name of Kelly Patrick? Kelly Patrick is mainly known in the United States of America for his songs; recently, lots of gossip has been surrounding the web regarding his life.

 Few fans have been trying to find out the official social media handle of Kelly Patrick to know every update about him and his songs. Continue this article and learn some details about Kelly Patrick LinkedIn and other things in this article.


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Linkedin of Kelly Patrick:

Multiple accounts have been registered on Linkedin, and according to our sources, Kelly Patrick, also known as Patrick Michael Kelly, is not active on their Linkedin profile. This information has been updated; if we get any attractive information, we will share it with you.

Bio of Kelly Patrick:

Patrick Michael Kelly was born on 8th June 1983 in Colombia, and he is now a 39-year-old man living in Washington Dc. From childhood, he sang perfectly and was interested in acting. He has attended multiple functions and set up his own goal to become a famous star.

Though we found limited sources of information available about his parents’ and siblings’ details, like their names and income Stats. Stay tuned with us if we gather any information we will provide you through this portal.

The career of Kelly Patric:

According to our sources, he visited Amsterdam when he was 12 years old and joined a music group. He first composed a song known as An Angel when he was only 15 years old. We also learned that his group got a chance to perform in front of the University of Notre Dame students.

In 2003 he started to release multiple songs, which was the beginning of his solo career; in 2009, he debuted in the Hollywood industry and got a role in My Sweet Misery; later, he got a chance in various other movies like God Bless Dixie and Viral Beauty.

Patrick Kelly Konzert 2023:

He is now doing his tour in multiple countries, and we have also found he will be attending sixteen more concerts this year. Some of the concert dates for Patrick Kelly are given below.

  • 14th March in ITVX
  • 11th June in Germany Bruchsal.
  • 15th June in Regensburg, Germany.
  • 14th July in Ansfelden, Austria.
  • 15th July Germany Fulda.
  • 16th July Germany Tettnang.

Among these concerts, few concerts will be organized outdoors, so viewers can easily purchase tickets online. 

Patrick Kelly’s net worth in 2023:

According to the case study, we can claim that Patrick Kelly is one of the richest musicians and has earned more than 5 Million dollars. Still, new audit information has not been uploaded, and the value will be more.

Social Media Links:

Final Verdict:

Kelly Patrick is a successful singer and has been doing Roundabouts for more than 16 concerts this year till now. He is not active on his Linkedin profile, which is why no such information is available on this platform. 

If you plan to watch his concert, share your comment with us in our comment section.

Kelly Patrick LinkedIn: FAQs

1 Does Kelly Patrick love to cook?

Yes, in free time.

2 Who is the girlfriend of Kelly Patrick?

Marina Cernova

3 Do Kelly Patrick smoke?


4 What are the hobbies of Kelly Patrick?

Reading books, photography, Travelling.

5 Where is the Hometown of Kelly Patrick?


6 What is the most searched result of Kelly Patrick?

Kelly Patrick girlfriend, the net worth of Kelly Patrick, concerts date of Kelly Patrick.

7 Is Kelly Patrick a gym freak?


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