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[Update] Kayricka Wortham LinkedIn: What Mugshot Images & Photos Trending on Instagram & Facebook? Know Now!

In this article, we will disclose the complete details of the Amazon $10M scam and the people’s demand for Kayricka Wortham LinkedIn profile.

How did a former Amazon employee process the whole scam of Vendors’ invoices? What is the status of Kayricka Wortham after the judicial statement of fraud? Why are people searching for your LinkedIn profile? The brutal allegation on the ex- amazon employee came to the charges when the court stated her guilty. 

People from the United States share their opinions and want clear information about the Amazon scam. As a result, people have started searching for details and personal information about Wortham. Therefore let’s help you find more precise information, including Kayricka Wortham LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Profile of Kayricka Wortham 

People are widely searching for the profile of Kayricka Wortham to see her current job profile. However, people couldn’t find her profile on LinkedIn, but multiple popular business heads are sharing their opinion about the fraud. Multiple people from the US are sharing their thoughts regarding the scam committed by Wortham along with Demetrius Hines. 

The whole loophole went massively disastrous for multiple companies they must consider checking out in their business. Daniel Harnett, the head of third-party risk intelligence services, posts a thread to avoid such frauds that everyone witnesses on Amazon. Multiple popular faces and businesspersons also reported about 10 M fraud on 

Moreover, people are also interested in her Instagram profile to get to know the person and her lifestyle. However, there is no sign of an Instagram profile, but people were sharing the post massively on every social platform, even Instagram. 

About the Scam

The warehouse manager of Amazon from August 2020 to March 2022, Kayricka Wortham, along with her colleagues, planned a scam. The Wortham group decided to fake vendor invoices and transit the amount to their personal bank accounts. 

Wortham initiated the whole scam along with her partner Britney Hudson. Two of them appointed a few other employees of Amazon to input false data into the system. As the head of the warehouse, Wortham approves those fake invoices and forces Amazon to pay that amount. 

Mugshot Picture of Kayricka Wortham

Since the scam is closed and all the alleged criminals are imprisoned, people are constantly looking for pictures of Wortham. However, they also ask for a mugshot if she is in prison and suffering the sentence. Although there was no disclosure of her mugshot photo, people constantly sought information to confirm their thoughts.

The court gave its final judgment on Wednesday, but no additional report or information came from the authorities or judicial custody. As a result, there is no information about the scammers on social media other than details. 

Facebook Profile of Kayricka Wortham

Everyone just wants to see the face of the criminal and the scammer, but no social media account can share the photo of Wortham due to unknown reasons. Looking at which people are surprised, what is the cause behind the unavailability of her photos? 

Although all the information about the scam and the scam versus completely available on multiple news platforms. Additionally, the judicial statement of US attorney Ryan K. Buchanan mentioned that Wortham, along with her partner, exploited their position to scam the company. However, the face of the criminal is left as a mystery for people, and there is no clarification about why there aren’t any Photos of her. 

Who is associated with the Amazon Scam? 

Along with Wortham her fellow partner Brittany Hudson, Demetrius Hines and Laquettia Blanchard access the whole scam. When Wortham left the company, the remaining part of the group continued the scam, and Wortham was accessing the whole plan from outside. 

Hines and Blanchard also recruited multiple allies in the scam from different locations of Amazon, like Georgia. Hines gave the scam idea to the Georgia faculty manager Jamar L. James and told them the whole process. However, after the disclosure of the scam, all the allies of Wortham were given hefty punishments, penalties, and imprisonment. 

Kayricka Wortham LinkedIn: Social Media Link



Final Verdict

The ex amazon manager is sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for scamming around $10 million. Wortham and her colleagues carried out the whole scam in different departments of Amazon. The scammers found a loophole, which could create Wenders’ fake invoices, and as per the height of parity of the manager in the Amazon facility, Wortham approved those invoices. 

After discovering the scam, people started searching for her social profile. What is your opinion about Kayrick Wortham? Comment below.

Kayricka Wortham LinkedIn: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Kayricka Wortham?

Kayricka Wortham is 32 years old. 

Q2 Who carried forward the scam of Amazon fake invoice after Wortham? 

After Wortham, her allies Hudson and Hines carried out the scam. 

Q3 What is the annual revenue of

The annual revenue of Amazon is reported to be around $524.897 billion.

Q4 Where was the place located where Kayricka Wortham initiated this scam? 

The Amazon faculty there was located in Atlanta.

Q5 What was the annual net worth of Kayricka Wortham? 

There’s knowledge and information available about her net worth. 

Q6 Why aren’t there any Images of Kayricka Wortham? 

There’s no proper information about her photos, and her social media profiles are unavailable, but somewhere, authorities are also not sharing any pictures of scammers. 

Q7 How much money did the police recover from the house of Kayricka Wortham? 

Police recovered around $2 million from the locations of Kayricka Wortham. 

Q8 Who is the current CEO of Amazon? 

The current CEO of Amazon is Andy Jassy.

Q9 Where does Kayricka Wortham work after leaving Amazon? 

Officially there is no report about her afterlife and profession after putting the Amazon. But people were reporting that she was enjoying $10 million on Amazon. But people were reporting that she was enjoying $10 million from Amazon.

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