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Kawana Jenkins Full Video: How It Got Leaked On Twitter & Instagram? Check Here!

This article provides information on the Kawana Jenkins Full Video and tells the readers about the whole video in detail.

Are you looking for information on the leaked video of Kawana Jenkins? Recently, a video of a police officer with her inmate got trending on social media platforms. Everyone in the United States and other countries wants to know the full information behind the scandal.

If you want to know the same and other facts regarding Kawana Jenkins Full Video, check out the article until the end. 

What is the content of the video?

A video of Kawana Jenkins got leaked on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and others. However, only a short video clip is circulated on the internet, and readers from the United States want to know about the full video.

News about Kawana Jenkins Instagram

On the Instagram platform, posts are available regarding the leaked video, along with the captions. It is said that Kawana Jenkins got fired from the department because of her inappropriate behavior at the police station. 

Jenkins is charged with multiple things like intimate activity while on duty, violation of oath by a public officer, reckless conduct, cruelty to inmates and giving a prohibited item to an item without any authorization. 

How did the video get leaked?

The whole act was recorded by a contraband cell phone and then got leaked on different social media platforms. The video is available on Kawana Jenkins Twitter, Reddit and others, along with the links. 

However, there are no links regarding the full video, as the users will find a short clip of 10-14 seconds. It is hard to say whether the whole video exists online or got removed because of guidelines. 

How did the cellphone get confiscated?

In late January, the sheriff conducted a shakedown in a maximum-security wing with the help of his strike team. The team gathered different items from the cell, like guns and eleven cell phones which were analyzed later.

However, on one of the phones, there was the Kawana Jenkins Full Video where she was seen doing inappropriate and unprofessional things with one of her inmates. 

What are the actions against Jenkins?

A proper investigation was conducted in which the officers checked out every fact related to the video. In the end, the superior decided to fire Kawana Jenkins and ordered her arrest for violating the oath of office and other charges. 

Are there any other similar incidents?

There was a similar incident in which a female officer was caught having affairs with different officers of the same department. She was engaging in inappropriate activities inside the station, which resulted in the same as Kawana Jenkins Full Video, i.e., firing from the department. 

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The video is making headlines online, and the police department is taking strict action against these acts. Click here for more information

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Kawana Jenkins Full Video– FAQs

Q1. Who is the inmate in the video?

A: The identity of another inmate is unknown.

Q2. Where is the full video available?

A: No links on the internet regarding the full video are available.

Q3. Where is the video recorded?

A: It is recorded inside a prison facility.

Q4. What are the other things that Jenkins gives to the inmates?

A: Jenkins gives a pair of designer eyeglasses from Cartier to an inmate.

Q5. When did Jenkins join the force?

A: She’s been with Fulton County Sheriff’s office since December 2019. 

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