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Kariselle Perfect Match Instagram: What Joey Posted On Social Media and Are They Still Together? Check Facts Now!

Kariselle Perfect Match Instagram write-up details a couple that proposed during the Netflix dating series finale.

Did Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso end as love mates after matching up in the TV series Perfect Match? Are they together after the finale of the Netflix dating show? The twelve-episode series that premiered on 14th February 2023 ended with a top match on 28th February 2023. 

The show ended as Netflix’s number-one series in countries like Germany, Canada and the United States. The participants went through challenges to find their perfect match. Kariselle Perfect Match Instagram has details on the reality dating series that ended its first season.


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Did Kariselle and Joey End as Top Match:

The eleven episodes saw all the contestants getting eliminated from the show, and five couples were left in the finale. Many fans anticipated that Kariselle and Joey would be the top match of the series, but they were surprised by Nick Lachey’s announcement.

Georgia and Dom are the winners of season 1 as contestants believed they completed each other and were the most compatible couples. 

Are Kariselle and Joey Still Together?

Kariselle and Joey were dating before joining the show, but commitment issues kept them from each other. It appears that coming together on the Perfect Match stage worked for them, and they sorted most of their issues.

The forced date with Chase Demoor for the show has no impact on their relationship. The couple announced their engagement on the show as Joey proposed to Kariselle on his knees. He also asked Kariselle to be his one-night match, girlfriend and fiancé. Joey also mentioned that he had taken her father’s permission to advance in their relationship. 

Joey and Kariselle Instagram Exchanges:

Joey directly messaged Snow in 2020 after seeing him for the first time on the sets of The Circle. Kariselle fled to Los Angeles to meet Joey, and they couldn’t go along as the “commitment thing” was too much for him. Kariselle was seen on Joey’s Instagram on July 2021, and both were also seen kissing each other in a video.

The suiting for Perfect Match started at the beginning of 2022 as Kariselle appeared reluctant to go along with Joey. Kariselle has kept her Instagram account private, while Joey can be seen following Kariselle. Are Kariselle and Joey Still Together, is a question that fans ask on social media sites in the United Kingdom.

Social Media Reactions on Joey and Snow’s Relationship:

People feel that Joey has a commitment issue, while Kariselle is obsessed with marrying him. According to netizens, it will be tough to trust Joey as he ignored Snow in real life. The “proposed scene” didn’t make much sense to some fans as they thought that couple needed more time. 

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Final verdict:

The duo of Joey and Snow are on good terms, but no real evidence suggests that the couple is in a serious relationship

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Kariselle Perfect Match Instagram: FAQs

Q.1 Who is the winner of The Circle season 1 show?

Joey Sasso is the winner of season 1 “The Circle” show.

Q.2  Who ended up with Chole on the Perfect Match Finale?

Chole ended with Shayne on the finale of Perfect Match.

Q.3 Which company produced the Perfect Match series?

Perfect Match Netflix series is produced by Kinetic Content.

Q.4 Are the winners of Perfect Match Season 1 together?

No, Dom and Georgia are not together in real life.

Q.5 When was the Netflix dating series Perfect Match filmed?

Most parts of Perfect Match were filmed in 2022.

Q.6 Are Kariselle and Joey Still Together?

It appears that both are dating in real life, but nobody has confirmed it.   

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