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This research on Karely Y Santa Fe Video Viral Twitter will help online readers to know about the new music album of Karely and Santa. 

Were you excited to watch the new song collaboration of Karely Ruiz and Sana Fe? The news is trending on every social media site after the new song was launched on May 2. However, some clips of Karely Y Santa Fe Video Viral Twitter show that this music video contains explicit content. Fans Worldwide were desperately waiting for this song to release. However, we will list some crucial details in the video here. So, keep reading. 


New Viral Video of Santa Fe and Karely! 

As per online sources, Santa Fe and Ruiz announced their first collaboration recently for a music video. The song has been launched on May 2. However, people are commenting differently on the music video. The video has been considered an explicit video as it contains several explicit scenes. The bold scenes in the video made everyone talk about the song’s video.

Video de Karely Y Santa Fe Link

Our readers were searching for the link to this viral video. However, this video contains several explicit and bold scenes. So, we cannot share the official link to this song. However, if you want to see the complete video of the ‘Sabes’ song by Santa Fe Klan and Ruiz, you can find it on other social media platforms.

Furthermore, many online sites have shared the video on their sites. The link to this video can be acquired from the respective sites. Some sites have even uploaded short clips of this music video. Karely also posted some pictures with the rapper a few days ago on Instagram making everyone talk about their relationship. People doubted if the duo is dating. Later, they announced their collaboration. 

DISCLAIMER: The music video by Karely Ruiz and the rapper, Santa Fe Klan contains explicit scenes. The video was considered explicit as many bold scenes were shown in the video. We have not provided the link here as the posts on our site are read by many people below 18. So, sharing bold content will be unsuitable. You can find the video on other online sites. 

People’s Reaction On The Video!

According to online sources, people shared some mixed thoughts on the song video. After the video started trending on Tiktok and other sites, users started posting their thoughts on it. A user wrote that their relationship is only for paying bills and for advertisement. Many people wrote that this relationship is to get popularity. So, there were mixed thoughts on the couple. 

Is Santa Fe Klan married? 

As per online sources, Santa Fe Klan announced a divorce from his first wife last year on December 19. People started a controversy over his new relationship with Karely Ruiz as Santa decided to part ways with Maya Nazor after she gave birth to Luka, the first child of Maya and Santa. This controversy swirled on Youtube and netizens trolled the new couple on social media. Now, the recent collaboration had added fuel to this controversy. But, we do not intend to comment on anyone’s personal life. The details provided here are for an informative motive.


Summing up this post, we have a full overview of the controversy going on in the new music video of Karely and Santa Fe. We have not provided the link to this explicit viral video as it is against our community guidelines.

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Viral On Reddit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What announcement was made by Karely Ruiz and Santa Fe?

Ans. Recently, the rapper, Santa and Karely announced their collaboration for the new music video.

Q2. What is the name of the new music video and when did it launch?

Ans. As per online sources, the name of the song is Sabes and it was launched on May 2.

Q3. What is the latest news on the music video?

Ans. As per online sources, this music video contains explicit scenes. 

Q4. When did Santa Fe Klan announce divorce from Maya Nazor?

Ans. The rapper announced his divorce last year on December 19.

Q5. Is the music video available on Telegram?

Ans. You can find the complete music video on many social media sites including Telegram. Some sites have removed it as it contains explicit scenes.

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