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Karastar Token {Nov 2021} Newly Launched Crypto details!

This article describes a GameFi based token built on Binance Smart Chain that provides the gamers with token rewards. Read on Karastar Token.

Are you looking to know about a recently launched crypto that is based on a blockchain game? If yes, you have reached the right article. Continue reading this article completely to understand more about this token.

 Online gamers from the Philippines, Indonesia and other parts of the world are highly excited about the introduction of this token as it provides the gamers with an opportunity to earn more. Gamers are rewarded with tokens for the effort they make to increase the value of the gaming platform. Read about Karastar Token.

About KARA

This token is a part of GameFi technology, a combination of DeFi with NFT for online gaming. This technological combination gives the gamers a greater earning potential when compared to previous gaming technologies.

The rewards are to be given to the players in the form of KARA, and these tokens can be used to purchase more gaming skills, objects etc., in the form of NFT. The ownership of the purchased NFT belongs to the owner, and the owner is given the right to sell the NFT for a much higher price. A high demand NFT can attract huge rewards.

Karastar Token

  • On 5th November 2021, the beta version of KaraStar was released.
  • This beta version helps the gamers to complete different gaming tasks available on the official website with a 100%-win rate.
  • The developers have also announced a price pool of half-million USDT.
  • The other rewards available for the players include NFT based treasure boxes.
  • Credible Binance Smart Chain based contracts with transparent and open transactions make this token more trustworthy.
  • The player has complete control over their assets and can be traded anytime. The assets can also be used as a trading instrument.

Market Capitalization

  • Market cap: N/A
  • Karastar Token Price: N/A
  • ATH: N/A
  • ATL: N/A
  • Volume: N/A
  • Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
  • Token Holders: 636

Founders and Team

Information regarding the founders, investors and team are not provided anywhere. Update regarding the same is to be added to the upcoming articles.

Where to Buy it?

  • Visit the official website of PancakeSwap(v2).
  • After visiting the website, select the Exchange option from the website.
  • Connect with wallets such as MetaMask, Trust wallet etc.
  • Select the Slippage tolerance accordingly.
  • Fund the wallet with enough major cryptos such as Tether, Binance, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano etc. Read more on Karastar Token.
  • Consider the current market price of the token so that enough funds to purchase KARA are available on the selected wallet.
  • Select the major cryptocurrency on the first input box available on the PancakeSwap website.
  • Select KARA from the secondary input box.
  • Exchange major cryptos to KARA.
  • The token price can vary based on the market sentiments, current trends, supply and demand among traders and investors in the marketplace.
  • Choose a less volatile market while initiating the purchase to avoid larger slippage on the price.


Q1: Which all wallets support Karastar Token?

A1: The wallets supported by KARA are SafePal, Trust Wallet, Metamask, math Wallet, Unstoppable Wallet, Coin98 Wallet, TokenPocket Wallet, Guarda Wallet and Binance Chain Wallet.

Q2: Apart from PancakeSwap(v2), where can we buy the KARA token?

A2: KARA is available on major crypto exchanges such as Mdex, BSCswap, Anyswap, CheeseSwap, Bscex, Autofarm, Apeswap, Biswap etc.


GameFi based gaming projects and tokens are gaining massive audience attraction as it provides the gamers with huge earning potential. To know more about this topic, please check this link.

Have you tried to purchase any gaming cryptos similar to that of Karastar Token? If yes, please comment your valuable opinion about this topic mentioned above.

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