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Karastar To PHP {Feb 2022} Price, Chart, How To Buy?

Here in this article, we will read about the Kara star token details and the conversion of Karastar to PHP.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the future economy. It would help in improving the banking world and thus transform the lives of people. Many cryptos have already been launched and looking at the current status, many more cryptocurrencies will get launched. 

In this article, we will talk about the Kara star coin and also the Karastar to PHP conversion. This coin is currently very famous in the Philippines.

What is the Kara star coin?

It is a token that is obtained from the Kara star game. The Kara star game is a Binance chain-based game that can be played in two different modes. These modes are PVE and PVP. PVE mode is more played by the players as it requires the players to traverse the dungeon and kill the monsters with the help of pets. In this way, the players reach a new level. The rewards which are given to the players in the game are in KARA token form. Players from the Philippines convert their Karastar to PHP. While the PVP mode turns the game into a card-based game in which the players are required to kill all enemies who are present in front of the pet’s team. 

Founders of Kara star:

There is no information present about the founders of the Kara Star token, so stay tuned and look for the updates because we will update about the founder’s information in future articles as soon as we get some information about it. Now first let us read about the price of the Kara Star token. 

Coin Data Of The Kara Star Token:

Before moving on from Karastar to PHP let us go through the coin data. The price of the Kara coin as of now is around zero dollars, and it has a trading volume of zero dollars. There is no increase in the token’s price as the price of the token is up by zero percent. Kara token also has a circulating supply of 1,000,000,000,000 coins of Kara and also consists of a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 Kara coins. The most active platform for the active exchange of this digital token is the pancake swap. Now after going through the coin data let us read about the price of a token in PHP.

Price of Karastar To PHP:

According to the calculators, the current price of the Kara star digital token in Philippine peso or PHP is, 1 Philippine Peso equals 0.020 American dollars.

Market Data of Kara star Coin:

  • Liquidity of KARA- 3,322.59$
  • Price of Kara- 0.000000608117 $
  • Market Cap of Kara- 608,116.636 $
  • Trading Volume of 24 hours- 1,270.433 $
  • Market Cap/ Volume of the coin- 0.21%
  • Transactions of last 24h- 37(1133.33%)
  • 24h Low/ 24h High- Not available
  • 7d low/ 7d high- Not available
  • All-time high- Not available
  • All-time low- Not Available
  • Changes of last 24 hours- 82.73%
  • Changes of last 7 days- 0.00%

Data related to Karastar To PHP is already given. 


As of now, we cannot say much about the prediction of the price of this coin. The coin is not very old and thus predicting its future price would be difficult. 

How to buy the coin?

You can buy the coin by following the given steps:

  • First of all, you need to visit the Pancakeswap website and after that, you will have to opt for the Exchange option from the website.
  • Now you will need to install wallets such as MetaMask or Trustwallet and then select a particular slippage tolerance according to your wallet. 
  • Fill your wallet with bigger coins such as Etherum etc and then select crypto from the input box on the Pancake website. 
  • Then you can select KARA and exchange the bigger cryptos with kara


Kara star is a major and very famous cryptocurrency in the Philippines. Most of the players look for Karastar To PHP conversion. This article will help them. You can comment down any queries related to Kara below. 

Have you ever converted any digital token? If yes, then do comment.

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