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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about the Karachi Principal Viral Video Link to know about the IGM school scandal.

The incident at a school in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi, Pakistan, brought shame to the school system and educators. Did you know after the viral video circulated on the internet, people demanded capital punishment for the school owner? What happened at the school at Gulshan-e-Hadeed? Let’s check about the Karachi Principal Viral Video Link.

Links to Karachi Principal Viral Video:

The links to Karachi’s principal viral video are not present online for a good reason. As of writing, no website featured uncensored clips from Karachi’s principal viral video. The credit goes to the efforts of CCTV technician. 

The principal and the owner of IGM Education School called a CCTV technician and requested him to delete several clips from CCTV storage. There were 43 video reviews on YouTube related to the IGM school scandal. The YouTube videos were informative and censored explicit content. It showed police searching the principal’s office and a few images from the original video.

The clips were related to the school principal indulging in physical relationships with female staff members. However, the technician felt that girls are unsafe at the schools, and he could not ignore such crimes as the girls and female staff are like his daughters and family members. 

Telegram is a private messaging group that can be joined by accessing an invite link from its members. Hence, the presence of Karachi’s principal viral video on Telegram is unknown.

The technician reported the crime and handed over the video clips to the police. Only a few censored images from the original videos were found online.

About the IGM school, Karachi Principal Video Twitter:

IGM Educational Institute is a part of the IGM group that provides school education and nine higher certification courses. It is located at C-34 Gulshan-e-Hadeed Phase-1 and Phase-2, Karachi, Pakistan-75010. The school’s principal and owner, Irfan Gafoor Maiman, was physically assault female staff members for more than six months.

No posts related to the IGM school scandal were present on Twitter. His office had a CCTV camera that recorded his activities. Irfan used to make clips of physical assault to blackmail female staff to take undue advantage. Between 25 to 100 clips were recovered from his mobile phone. A CCTV technician exposed the IGM school scandal.

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Reaction to the IGM school scandal:

The education department considered the incident and formed a committee for investigation. As of writing, on Instagram, there was one post consisting of an informative video about the IGM school scandal. 

Irfan was arrested, and a lawsuit was filed. The police department also formed a committee of female officers who spoke with five female victims.

As of writingthere was one post related to the IGM school scandal on Reddit. However, the Reddit post redirected users to unauthentic news and knowledge-based websites. People demanded death penalty for Irfan. Pakistani news media was full of news related to IGM school scandal.

Social media links:

There were no posts related to the IGM school scandal on TikTok. included information about the mission of the school and several videos of student activities on the IGM TikTok pages.


On Facebook, 21 user reviews about IGM Educational Institutes rated it 5 stars. The videos on social media platforms showed the high education standard of IGM school. However, the act of the IGM school’s owner has hurt the credibility of IGM educational institutes. Irfan used to take undue advantage of female staff due to various factors, including employability, salary, Etc.

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