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[Update] Kanye Banned Twitter Reddit: Check What Happened To Him, Also Know His Net Worth, and Wikipedia Page Details!

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Kanye west has been suspended from Twitter by Elon musk. He is accused of encouraging violence and making offensive tweets on the platform.

Do you know about this news? Were you aware of this news before? Do you know he has been banned before, also? People in the United States are curious to know about his news. If you want to learn about this, read this article about Kanye Banned Twitter Reddit. Read till the end.


Why did Kanye west get suspended from Twitter?

Kanye west was suspended from Twitter again just after his second suspension a few months ago. Recently Kanye west has done a tweet in which he shared a picture in which a swastika and Jewish star are combined. Some people get offended over this and ask Elon musk to fix Kanye. After this, Elon took action and suspended his account within an hour of making the statement. You can check the link provided in the social media section to learn more about this news on the topic on Reddit about What Happened To Kanye.

The United States rapper has been known as Ye. He changed his name a few months ago. Kanye has made a lot of controversies this year and has been suspended from Twitter and Instagram too.


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Kanye west’s tweets are regarded as repulsive by the head of the UK educational trust. Many people have tweeted Elon must take action against Kanye Banned Twitter Reddit, after which his post was restricted and his account suspended within an hour of the tweet by him.

Is this the first time Kanye west to be in controversy?

Kanye has fallen into such a case before. This year has been into many controversies. Due to his anti-semantic behaviour, Adidas cut ties with Kanye, which led to a significant loss for both Kanye and Adidas. 

He also made a specific statement on Thursday during an interview about Adolf Hitler and other things, due to which he is in talks nowadays.

Kanye west’s Wikipedia:

Real Name Kanye Omari West
Nickname Yeezy, Ye, Yeezus
Profession Rapper, Singer, Producer, Writer
Started Carrier From 1996
Date Of Birth 8 June, 1977
Birthplace Atlanta
Raised In Chicago
Spouse Kim Kardashian
Net worth $400 million

Why is Kanye making all these statements?

People are saying that Kanye has been diagnosed with some medical phases, due to which he made these statements. However, this is not proved yet, and these are only the things people say. You can check his social media links of Instagram and Facebook below in this article.


Why is Kanye making all these statements

Social media links:


Kanye’s Instagram

Kanye’s Facebook


Kanye west has been suspended from Twitter after he shared a picture in which a swastika and Jewish star are combined which makes him fall into controversy again. For more information about Kanye west suspension, visit this link.

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Kanye Banned Twitter RedditFAQs:

Q1. What is the new name of Kanye west?

The new name of Kanye west is Ye.

Q1. What are Kanye West and Kim’s news?

Kanye has to give child compensation to Kim after their divorce.

Q1. When was the last time Kanye was banned from Twitter?

Kanye was banned from Twitter in October.

Q1. Did Adidas take Kanye west back?

No, Adidas has cut its ties with Kanye this year.

Q1. Why did Kanye make these statements and his Net Worth?

It is unknown, but people said he has been going through some medical phases. His net worth is $400 million.

Q1. Who is the wife of Kanye west?

Kanye West and Kim are going to be separated this year.

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