Kabosu Coin Crypto {May} Get Valuable Insight Here!

Kabosu Coin Crypto (May) How to Buy? Prediction, Sell!

Kabosu Coin Crypto (May) How to Buy? Prediction, Sell! >> This article is an initiative to inform the readers about the trending price chart and relevant details.

Are you keeping track of the latest tokens introduced in the cryptocurrency community? 

As cryptocurrency is the new buzzword, people are constantly checking out the new tokens getting introduced. People in countries like the Netherlands, the United KingdomCanada, and the United States.

The Kabosu Coin Crypto is an addition that is capturing the interest of the crypto world enthusiasts. Read on as we dive deep into this token and share its details with our readers.

What is Kabosu Coin?

Anyone enquiring about the crypto is bound to get curious about the name, Kabosu. However, before detailing information about Kabosu Coin, let’s find out the origin.

It is the name of the dog originally featured in the meme that became the cryptocurrency poster. After the pet parent shared the picture of the rescue dog, the female Shiba Inu became an internet star. The dog’s face became the iconic dogecoin.

About Kabosu Coin Crypto Founders:

As per the official site, it is the first-ever dog-themed token launched in the fast-growing community of cryptocurrency. It claims to be the perfect token for dog-loving individuals, as for every investment it donates to the charities working for abandoned canines.

Under the tokenomics heading on the site, the developers share that the token has 5% liquidity and the same percentage re-distributed to holders. Investors need to know lot more about this crypto. 

Then, keep scrolling down as we give out more interesting facts about this token that is ideal for dog lovers.

Kabosu Coin Crypto Price Chart:

The price of cryptocurrencies tends to change every minute, and hence you need to check them manually on their website for the current price before investing. For example, Kabosu Price last was recorded to be USD 1.64e-8, and the 24-hour exchange volume of the same was USD 1,269,402.

The price noted above has risen by 41.07% in twenty-four hours. The present ranking of the currency in CoinMarketCap is #2754, and the live market cap is not available for the same yet.  

Statistics About Kabosu Coin:

  • The Kabosu Coin Crypto was launched in May 2021.
  • As per the official site, the developers will make donations to the dog charities.
  • People interested in this token can join its ever-growing community on various portals like Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Medium, and Telegram.
  • Users can check out this token on BSc scan.
  • Those interested in buying the token can head to pancake Swap.

According to the token’s Twitter page, the community is at a $16M market cap and 8k holders. Also, in case you are looking to get more details of the platform, please read here.


The above post is ideal for those who want to know what Kabosu Coin Crypto is all about. After research, we’ve found plenty of info about the token that features a cute dog cartoon on the logo.

The token’s name is based on the female rescue dog who rose to popularity after dogecoin used her pic for the logo.

We want to inform our readers that they need to check out the prices of the tokens and coins again while investing in them, as they tend to change within minutes. Please read here for How to Spot a Bitcoin Scammer.

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