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Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam: Explore Full Information On Juul Class Action Lawsuit Canada, And Lawsuit Claim Form

Read exclusive details unavailable elsewhere about Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam to learn about the class settlement.

Did you know that a single cigarette can contain eight to twenty milligrams of nicotine, with an average being twelve milligrams? Did you know that it is legal in the United States to sell tobacco products, including e-cigarettes?

But the composition of e-liquid need to be approved by the FDA, all guidelines related to e-cigarette and e-liquid must be followed, and nicotine levels need to be maintained. On these lines, let’s check Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam.


About Juul scam:

The Juul scam is about the e-cigarette company Juul selling vapes to all age groups, including under-aged kids and college students. Generally, the e-cigarette is regarded as safer than tobacco cigarettes. But Juul’s e-liquid contained 59 milligrams of nicotine, equal to smoking four+ cigarettes in a single go!

Further, the FDA found no evidence that Juul’s e-cigarettes are safe. Hence, the high levels of nicotine present in Juul’s e-cigarette resulted in severe addiction. Further, in mid-2019, people suffered lung injuries, and deaths began to crop up giving rise to Juul Class Action Lawsuit Canada. The common factor among the subjects was the use of Juul e-cigarettes and also included:

  • Cardiovascular disease,
  • Lung or respiratory failure,
  • Heart attack or heart problems,
  • Cerebral health or behavior issues,
  • Pregnancy complications or congenital disabilities,
  • Nicotine poisoning,
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts,
  • Seizures, and

The legitimacy of Juul Lawsuit:

Juul Lawsuit is not a scam. Case # 19-md-02913-WHO is ongoing in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, titled JUUL Labs Inc Marketing, Sales Practices, and Products Liability Litigation. Dena C Sharp And Girard Sharp Llp are part of class counsel for Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam. Peter Farrell, Van C Durrer II, Renee Smith, Van C Durrer II, Kirkland & Ellis Llp, Milbank Llp, Adam Moses, Michael J Guzman, David L Schwarz, and Kellogg Hansen Todd Figel& Frederick P Llc, are part of the defense counsel.

Lawsuit combinations and settlement:

There were 5,281 lawsuits, including individual and class lawsuits, filed against Juul across thirty-three states and consolidated under multidistrict litigation (MDL), MDL-2913. Juul agreed to settle 5K lawsuits for an undisclosed amount, which was speculated/estimated to be $1.2 billion. As per the latest update, Juul has further agreed to a $255 million settlement.

Links forJuul Class Action Lawsuit Claim Form:


Juul scam is related to how Juul marketed its products and sold them to people from all age groups causing health issues, though it did not sell tobacco cigarettes, its e-cigarette contained a high percentage of nicotine. Last date to file a claim is 14th/July/2023, and the verdict date is 9th/August/2023. The links to claim forms were mentioned above.

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Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam – FAQ

1Q. Why were Juul’s vapes addictive?

Because Juul e-cigarette contains a high percentage of nicotine.

2Q. Is e-cigarettes safer than a cigarette?

It is controversial if smoking e-cigarette is safer than smoking cigarettes containing tobacco. Tobacco cigarette emits smoke and forms tar in the lungs, while e-cigarette emits vapor formed due to e-liquid.

3Q. Is Juul e-cigarette safer than tobacco cigarettes?

No, as Juul vapes have high levels of nicotine.

4Q. Can a case be filed against Juul?

Yes, parents of children below 18 years can still file a lawsuit. People above 18 years can also file a lawsuit if they have suffered health problems due to Juul Class Action Lawsuit Scam.

5Q. How much is the settlement amount per individual?

The settlement amount will differ per individual and will be calculated differently.

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