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Justyn Vicky Accident: Who Is Justin Vicky Bodybuilder? How Did He Die? Also Find Details On Death Video, And Justin Vicky Squat

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Have you heard about Justin Vicky’s death? Do you know about this fitness influencer? Justyn Vicky Accident video is getting viral on social media platforms. The gym accident took his life. The video of his gym accident has spread Worldwide through social media platforms. The famous fitness influencer has lost his life while lifting weights in the gym. 

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How did Justin Vicky die?

 On 15 July 2023, Justin was in Paradise Bali gym where he lifted a barbell as per the Death Video. Justin was lifting the barbell with the help of his trainer. He lifted it and put it on his shoulder to do squats. As soon as he started his first squat and took the position by going down, he lost his balance and couldn’t go up.

The trainer also lost his balance and left the barbell. Justin got imbalanced and to the front in the sitting position. The barbell fell into his neck and it got broken. Also, his viral nerves connecting to the heart got compressed critically which led to his death.

Justin Vicky Squat video

The incident came to light when his death was announced. The video of Justin Vicky death is also getting viral on social media platforms. The video shows the full incident of his death. It is clear from the video that Justin was lifting a heavy barbell to his shoulder to do squats and due to disbalance he fell and lost his life.

As per the online sources, Justin was lifting 210kgs weight. After the incident took place he was taken to hospital immediately. Justin Vicky Bodybuilder was declared dead shortly after the operation began.

Is Justin Vicky on instagram? 

Justin Vicky was a professional fitness influencer who passed recently in a gym accident. Vicky Justin was a popular personality all over the world. Justin has 30.5k followers on instagram. The Paradise Bali gym has posted a heartwarming note about Justin with his picture on its instagram post. You can find his Instagram account by searching @Justynvickybali_island. 

Disclaimer: The information mentioned in this post is taken from online sources and social media videos. Kindly don’t watch the video if you are sensitive to such content.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up here, the video of Justyn Vicky death is getting viral on several social media platforms. Visit this link to learn more details on Justin Vicky 

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Justyn Vicky Dead: Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Who is Justin Vicky?

Ans. Justyn Vicky was a professional gym trainer who passed away recently after an accident in the gym.

Q2. How did Justyn Vicky die?

Ans. Justyn Vicky died when a barbell fell over his neck and his nerves were damaged. He was lifting the barbell in the gym when he got imbalanced.

Q3. What was the age of Justin Vicky?

Ans. Justin Vicky was 33 years old at the time of his death.

Q4. Is Justyn Vicky’s video available on reddit? 

Ans. Justin Vicky Reddit video is not available.

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