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Justin Sigmon Video: Check What Is The Content Of Justin Dale Sigmon Video, And Also Find Information On Interviews Of Justin And Minor Girl

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Have you heard about Justin Sigma? Do you know what he did? Justin Sigma has been arrested for physically assaulting a minor girl on a cruise ship in the United States. The video of the assault has also got viral. There are clarifications from Justin Sigma and the victim herself. So this article will provide you with full details on this case.

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Video of Justin Sigma

Justin Sigma was the deputy of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Justin has been accused of assaulting a minor girl on a carnival cruise ship. When Justin was engaged in inappropriate activity with the minor girl, a passenger recorded him.

The video has been watched by millions of people on the internet. The incident was also recorded on surveillance. The video shows the minor sitting in the lap of Justin and he was trying to move his hands to her private area. The witness stated that the girl tried to push his hands away several times.

Justin Sigmon Carnival Cruise

Justin Sigma has got arrested for the inappropriate activity he did with a minor girl. The age of the girl is not confirmed as some sources have claimed that the girl is 9 years old and a few sources claimed that she is 12 years old. Justin was arrested when the ship docked at the port in Miami.

Justin was charged with having inappropriate contact with the minor girl on 30 May. He resigned from his post on 2 June. As per the court documents, the girl crossed her legs to avoid further inappropriate attempts by Sigmon. Though Justin Dale Sigmon Video is removed from all the platforms due to the privacy concern. 

Interview of Justin and the Minor girl

FBI interviewed Justin Sigma. As per the online sources, the court file stated that Justin understand that the contact with the minor could be considered inappropriate. He added that the contact was not intended to be inappropriate. 

The interview was also held with the minor girl and she claimed that Justin did not touch her private area. She also claimed that he did not even touch her underneath her dress. But the video contradicted these statements.

Disclaimer: The details mentioned here are grabbed from different online news platforms. We can not assure the relationship between Justin and the minor girl as it is unclear. The post is comprised of the information which is collected with the help of other sources. 

Justin Sigmon Gofundme

A fundraiser was also made by Brad Holly who named it Justice for Justin as per social media sources. The fundraiser is now deleted and no further details are available about it. 

In a nutshell

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Justin Sigmon Video: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Justin Sigma?

Ans. Justin Sigma was a former deputy of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. He has now resigned due to his arrest.

Q2. What did Justin do?

Ans. Justin is accused of engaging in inappropriate activity with a minor girl. He is accused of touching the girl in an inappropriate manner.

Q3. What is the relationship between Justin and the minor girl?

Ans. There is no clarity in the relationship between Justin and the minor girl because some sources are claiming that the girl is his daughter but there is no assurance about it.

Q4. Is Justin Sigmon Video available?

Ans. No, the video is removed from many social platforms.

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