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{Full Watch} Junior Guzman Video Twitter: Is It Available on Reddit or Has Been Removed?

Junior Guzman Video Twitter, Reddit and other media are popular searches. Let us have a look at what it is in the video.

Are you searching for the content in the viral video with the name of Junior Guzman? Who was he, and what happened to him 5 years back? People in the United States were shocked after they saw the viral graphics of this case. Let us discuss the full details here in our post-Junior Guzman Video Twitter.

What is the Junior Guzman Video Twitter about?

It was June 20 2018, when Lesandro Junior Guzman Feliz lost his life due to mistaken identity. He was chased through the streets and attacked by a group of men outside a bodega in the Bronx. After the video footage that captured the whole incident came out in public, it shocked everyone and sparked outrage. 

It was revealed that Junior was not actually part of any gang activity. The gang members have targeted him by mistake. The attackers were members of the Trinitarios gang. They believed Junior Feliz was a member of a rival gang.

Is Junior Guzman Video Reddit available?

Unfortunately, if you are searching for video footage on social media like Reddit, you will not get it. The video contains the sensitive graphics of violence and is not suitable for everyone to watch. 

Therefore, for violating the Reddit rules, the community that uploaded the footage of Junior Guzman has been banned. #JusticeForJunior movement started after Junior’s tragic death and the revelation of the video to the public. Many people raised awareness about gang violence and said these tragedies should not happen in the future.

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How did Junior Guzman Video Twitter impact the family?

His family has been deeply affected by a young kid who wanted to serve the city. They faced immense grief and shock after knowing about this attack. According to his mother, Feliz wanted to become a police officer. Junior’s mother promoted #JusticeForJunior in the weeks following his passing, and it quickly gained popularity on social media like Twitter.

Junior Feliz’s family and community members have been involved in raising awareness and preventing gang violence. The family created the “Justice for Junior Foundation” in his memory, and they continue to support at-risk youth and prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Arrest and conviction in Junior Guzman Video Twitter case:

Police arrested and prosecuted several individuals after the attack came into the media, and the case was highlighted as a mistaken identity. At least 13 gang members had received 25 years of life imprisonment. They faced charges including murder, manslaughter, and gang-related offences.

The case served as a reminder of the significance of combating violence associated with gangs and the necessity of community outreach and support in order to keep young people out of gangs.

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Junior Guzman Video Redditthe video has been removed for violating the community rule.


The case of Junior Guzman-Feliz had a significant effect on the community. It raised conversations on the negative effects of gang violence. It also reminds us of the value of assisting youth in avoiding involvement in such activities in future. You can check the visual investigations of what happened with Junior Guzman and how the whole incident happened here.

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Disclaimer: The news is a bit old, and we are not sure why people are searching for Junior Guzman. However, from the available sources, we have tried to provide as much information as possible for our readers.

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