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{Full Watch} Julio Urias Video Leaked on Twitter: Is His Girlfriend Daisy Perez? Are Wife Pics Availablee? Find Net Worth & Violencia News Here!

Find details on buzz regarding the video of Julio Urias Video Leaked on Twitter. Read to know why it is making such a big splash.

Do you know much about Julio Urias? Why is he all over the news in the United States and Mexico? It is not because of his skills as a left-handed pitcher. The big story is that there’s a video of Julio Urias Video Leaked on Twitter, and it’s making a lot of noise in the media. 

People want to know what he did to get in the news like this. Read down in the post below.

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Recent news on Julio

On September 3, 2023, officials arrested Julio Urias. This caused a big stir in the news because he was arrested for Julio Urias Violencia. A video of him shouting at a woman was leaked on social media.

He used bad words, which was witnessed by many in the crowd. Some of the people on site reported this event to the police. After this, he was charged with domestic violence and was arrested.

More details on Julio’s recent incident

Julio was invited to a soccer match organized by LAFC in the BMO stadium. It was a friendly match featuring a legend, Lionel Messi. Julio Urias Video Leaked on Twitter and went viral after he got arrested around 11 p.m. on Sunday.

Police took Julio’s custody, and he was shifted to LAPD Jail. People are least aware of what happened to Julio after captivity. The questions about his arrest are many. So, we have some details about it in the next section.

Where is Julio Urias now?

Julio Urias’s arrest shocks many of his fans. After his domestic violence custody, he was in jail for around four hours. After general inquiry, he was released on Monday morning around 5 am after a $ 50000$ bond. 

Public doubt that the woman in the video is Julio Urias Girlfriend Daisy PerezUpon investigation, the official confirmed that the woman was not his girlfriend. But Who is Daisy Parez? It is the query among the public now.

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Daisy Parez details

There are not many details about Daisy Parez’s personal life. The only information that is known is she is Julio Urias’s girlfriend. She has an Instagram profile with two thousand four hundred followers. However, she is inactive on this platform.

Daisy was present with Julio Urias at the BMO Stadium. But, the woman involved is not her. Since Daisy got ruled out here, people started looking for Julio’s Wife PicsOur research study reveals that Julio Urias is an unmarried man.

Julio Urias Wiki Details

  • The full name is Julio Cesar Urias Acosta.
  • He is known commonly as El Culichi.
  • Professional-wise, he is a skilled baseball pitcher.
  • He plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers team from MLB (Major League Baseball).
  • He was born on 12th August 1996 in Culiacan, Mexico
  • His age is 27 years old.
  • He is a Mexican citizen.
  • His father’s name is Juana Urias.
  • His mother’s name is Isabel Acosta
  • Julio has a monthly income of around two lakh dollars, which makes up the Net Worth of $15 million.

At this moment, he is not being held by the authorities. However, he won’t be participating in any more matches or traveling for them.


[Passan] Los Angeles Dodgers starter Julio Urías was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence charges late last night, an officer with the LAPD tells ESPN. Urias, 27, was booked late Sunday and released early this morning on $50,000 bond.
by u/Waaaaaaaaaasuup in baseball


Right now, Julio Urias is not in trouble with the police, but he won’t be playing in any more matches or going on trips. The recent news about him is because a video of him arguing with someone got shared on the internet. 

It led to Julio’s arrest for domestic violence. He spent a short time in jail before being released on bond.

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