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Julian Zietlow LinkedIn: Are Fler & Freundin Friends? Check Instagram, Twitter & Reddit Links Here!

The study on Julian Zietlow LinkedIn uncovers that his Instagram account is not working. Read further and know the reason here.

Do you want to transform your body? Have you watched a video uploaded by Julian Zietlow? Do you know who he is? The fitness trainer is on the news and trending on the internet Worldwide. Do you know why? Curiosity about his whereabouts is overwhelming on search engines. 

Julian is widely popular because he supports transforming many celebrities’ bodies timely. He was not under media attention for quite some time due to some reason. Julian Zietlow LinkedIn profile is getting more visitors now. Why is it so? Check below for a better understanding.


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The Julian Zietlow news.

Julian Zeitlow is trending on media due to the release of explicit content through his social media account. He has massive followers for his exercise, fitness, health tips, and more content. His Instagram account, with more than five million followers, is banned by the officials. 

On 03rd May 2023, the inappropriate video footage was on his active account. He has been inactive on his social platform since 2022. The reason for not uploading the video for so long is unknown. 

Therefore, the viewers’ concern is the hackers’ involvement in Julian Zietlow’s account. Clarification of why and who uploaded the inappropriate content through Julian’s account is unknown. Read further for more updates.

Does Julian Zeitlow upload viral content on Twitter?

Investigation of the uploads of Julian Zeitlow’s social media platform reveals that he is staying in Thailand. He is in the highest excitement state with Kate Kolosovkai. Luca Liran, a mental coach, travelled to the villa in Thailand to be with Julian.

Julian’s excitement seems responsible for an indecent post in his account. Hence, the post was circulated on social media by Julian himself. The video shows that he is dancing in the rain with some girls half-undressed. 

Julian Zeitlow’s followers are unhappy with these uploads. Reddit users are showing their disappointment through varied threads on this platform.

Julian Zeitlow Social media accounts

Julian Zeitlow is popular on Instagram and Youtube. His Youtube channel plays a relevant role in his victory as a fitness entrepreneur. He started his youtube channel in 2010, sharing information about fitness, health, and more. 

The content of the channel reaches heights among German Friends. His channel now has over 1.5 million subscribers with 150 million views.

Currently, Julian’s youtube channel does not face any restrictions. But, his Insta account with 5 million followers is not working.

Who is Julian Zeitlow Freundin?

Julian Zeitlow’s current girlfriend’s details are unavailable on any reports. His post shows varied girls, but the genuine relationship is unknown. Previously, he had a relationship with Alina Schulte Holf. She was a pillar in building the fitness career of Julian Zeitlow. 

Julian Zeitlow Wikipedia

  • Full name: Julian Paul Philip Winfried Zietlow
  • Birth date: 2nd October 1984
  • Age: 38 yearsyears old
  • Place of birth: Berlin, Germany
  • Education: Graduate
  • Nationality: German
  • Religion: Christian
  • Parents: Unknown
  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Net worth: $85 million

Julian Zietlow is confusing his fans with explicit videos. While his competitors, Fler and Christian Wolf, feel like they stepped out. 

The Career of Julian Zietlow in Fitness

Julian started working as a personal trainer for popular celebs. He gained tremendous popularity very quickly through his youtube channel. His reputation reached heights he became a successful fitness businessman.

Social media Links


The Julian Zeitlow channel got massive attention after the viral uploads on the Insta account. The video on Instagram was inappropriate, and hence the account got banned. The intention for such an explicit video is unknown. 

Was the restricted account the right decision? Share your views in the comments.

Julian Zietlow LinkedIn –FAQ

Q1. Is the Julian Zietlow explicit video available on the internet? 

Though the original video on Instagram is restricted. Some YouTubers are circulating duplicate copies on the internet. 

Q2. Is Julian Zietlow married? 


Q3. What is Julian Zietlow’s business?

He is social media influencer and owns a business name Rocka Nutrition.

Q4. Who does Julian Zietlow train till now?

Jorn Schlonvoigt, Jay Khan and Angelina Hegede

Q5. What does Rocka Nutrition work on?

Rocka Nutrition is a health-related brand which offers supplements and snacks. The products are diet friendly. 

Q6. Who is the founder of Rocka Nutrition?

Julian Zietlow

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