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Juan Luis Lagunas Death Video: What Content Got Viral On Twitter? Find Current Updates On Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube & Reddit Handles!

This Juan Luis Lagunas Death Video article explores the trending news of this video. Check out the complete information about the incident here.

Are you a social media lover? Have you watched a video of Juan Luis Lagunas? Unfortunately, he is dead now; however, his video before his death is getting viral again on the social platform.

People in the United States are curious to look into his last video. But is Juan Luis Lagunas Death Video available on any social media? Let us explore it below.


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Death video of Juan Luis Lagunas

Juan Luis Lagunas died of a mysterious murder on the 18th of December, 2017. On the same date, his new party was announced at Menta-2 Cantaros bar, where a group of men shot him with 15 bullets. This video is getting viral on the internet these days. However, the exact link is not available. 

He was a famous vlogger commonly known as ‘El Pirata de Culiacan’ by his followers. His video content is the vlog of his lifestyle with easy money, alcohol, inappropriate medicines, and fame. He used to telecast all these on his YouTube account. 

Why is Juan Luis Famous?

Juan Luis made money by telecasting his daily activities, which were hugely inappropriate. However, because of his vast number of followers, he got regular invitations from his social networks. Hence, he used to be present in many live singers and music group concerts.

Juan Luis Lagunas-How did he die?

Before he went live from the location, he broadcasted his last video on Instagram with three women and five men. After the party started and drinks were flowing around at 11: 20 pm, four armed men approached Juan’s table and shot him with 15 bullets.

Many presentin the location addressed that Juan tried to hide from these armed men but was pulled and cornered.

The assumption behind this murder

In one of his viral videos, Juan Luis fearlessly challenged the huge trafficker in Mexico. This person’s name was Nemesio Oseguera, also known as El Mencho. He was the leader of the criminal organization. Juan deliberately insulated El Mencho, which exiled the powerful seat. 

Currently, users are making it Viral On Twitter. This video may be the reason for Juan’s murder.


The assumption behind this murder

More Information Obituary

There is no information regarding the obituary of Juan Luis Lagunas. However, his death was unexpected and was mourned by his followers on social networking sites.

Juan Luis Lagunas Family

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales is known to his followers for his character El Pirata de Culiacan. He was just 17 years old and gained popularity with his video of partying and his crooked lifestyle. He had mentioned nothing regarding his parents. 

However, he once said his parents abandoned him and his two brothers.  Today, he is again in the search engine of Reddit after so many years of his death.

Is Juan Luis married?

No, He never mentioned anything related to his girlfriend or marriage.

Full name Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales
Nick name El Pirata de Culiacan
Profession Vlogger
Date of Birth Absent
Zodiac sign Absent
Age 17 year old
Birth place Villa Juarez, Navolato
Marital Status Not married
Girlfriend name Absent
Nationality Mexican

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Juan Luis Lagunas, a famous vlogger, died with 15 shots of the bullet on 18th December 2017.

What are your views about his murder? Comment down.

Juan Luis Lagunas Death Video: FAQs

Q1. Why was Juan Luis Lagunas popular?

He was an outlaw content vlogger

Q1. What is his parent’s name?

It is not revealed

Q1. Was the culprit of his murder caught?

No, under process

Q1. What was Juan’s age?

17 year old

Q1. What is the suspected cause?

Viral video of challenge against the criminal leader, El Mencho

Q1. What is the place of murder?

Menta-2 Cantaros bar 

Q1. Is the video of TikTok available?


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