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{Full Watch Video} Juan Jumalon Video Leaked On Telegram: Check How He Shot Dead, Reddit Update

Check Juan Jumalon Video Leaked on Telegram and Reddit, how he Shot Dead, and more updated news here.

Do you know who Juan Jumalon was? How he died, and why are the people of the Philippines and the United States talking about him? As soon as the death news broke out, everyone started searching for him. Let us discuss details through Juan Jumalon Video Leaked on Telegram post.

What is in the Juan Jumalon Video Leaked on Telegram video?

According to the report, a radio anchor named Juan Jumalon was fatally shot when he was live from his in-home studio. Not only this, the attacker was also able to snatch a gold necklace and run away from the victim’s home. A viral video of the attack on Telegram and other media shows Jumalon was looking away from the camera before he received two shots. The viral Juan Jumalon Reddit video also shows he immediately fell back in his chair, bleeding, and a background track continued to play.

What happened on that day with Juan?

The incident took place at 5:35 a.m. when Juan was live-streaming on Facebook. The attacker entered his home saying he needed to announce something important on air. An anonymous person shot Jumalon’s face twice, according to a Police report. His wife took him to the hospital, where he was declared deceased. The live clip of that day is no longer accessible on Facebook because of its content. 

Is there any arrest made after Juan Jumalon Shot Dead?

During the live stream, the attacker’s face was not visible, but according to the police report, they have secured CCTV cameras in the area. They have identified at least three suspects in the Jumalon case. According to them, there were no records of any threats on him previously. However, they are investigating the case at Juan’s personal and professional level. As per recent updates, there have been no arrests made till now.

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Journalist in the Philippines:

Since former President Juan Jumalon Duterte Rodrigo’s administration, intimidation and harassment of the press and hostility toward them have remained. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. also condemned the attack on the radio Journalist in his Social media X post. He continued that he instructed a thorough investigation into this matter to the police. The attack on journalists will no longer be tolerated, and those who are involved in this crime will not be excused.

The Juan Jumalon Shot Dead news added another Journalist in the Philippines’ history as it is the seventh most dangerous country for Journalists in the world. According to the news report, since 2022, four Journalists have been killed in the Philippines.

Juan was a 94.7 Gold Mega Calamba FM anchor known as “DJ Johnny Walker.” He had more than 2500 followers on his Facebook page. 

Social media links:

Juan Jumalon Reddit

NUJP condemns the brazen killing of Juan Jumalon, also known as “DJ Johnny Walker”, of 94.7 Calamba Gold FM in Calamba, Misamis Occidental this morning.
byu/TheRealWredge2518 inPhilippines



During a live stream, a fatal attack on the Journalist was recorded. The original death clip of the Journalist in the Philippines has been deleted, but some short video is already viral on social media. Police are investigating to make the arrest as early as possible. You can check the news of Juan Jumalon here.

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Disclaimer: The news written here is taken from an online trusted source and is subject to change. It contains sensitive information that may be triggering for some readers.

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