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Juakina Gusman Twitter Video Leaked: Is She Dead? Explore Details On Foto

What is the Juakina Gusman Twitter Video Leaked? Is she Dead? What happened to her? Where is her photo?

What content does Juakina Gusman Twitter Video Leaked has? What is Juakina Gusman real name? What happened to Juakina Gusman? Is she dead, and how did she die? What does the word ‘Juakina Gusman’ mean? Is Sabrina Duran her real name? People from Chile and Mexico are trying to fetch the details about this trending topic.  

Details About Juakina Gusman Twitter Video Leaked

A video is going viral on Twitter (now known as X), where a car is on fire at the Primera Transversal and Alberto Blest Ganna intersection of Padre Hurtado. The incident happened in the country of Chile. The car belonged to a girl who was famously known as ‘Juakina Gusman.’ 

Her name is Sabrina Duran Montero. She has allegedly been killed as an act of revenge. Because police authorities have ruled out the possibility of a homicide, many suspected it to be a robbery and killing. This incident happened on 24 October 2023 in the daytime. 

Is Juakina Gusman Dead?

After the attack, people are trying to know about Sabrina and her condition. But, it is unfortunate to say that she has died in the attack. Allegedly, there were three persons involved in the killing. The video of her car on fire spread on social media overnight and the issue got attention from neighbouring countries as well. 

Sabrina was attacked with gunshots and killed on the spot. Her body has more than six bullet wounds. The attack took place just outside her residence. A neighbour recorded the whole incident on their mobile phone. The attackers fled the scene. 

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Personal Details of Juakina Gusman Foto

Sabrina was a social media influencer. She was just 24 years old. But this social media life, the dark side of her life, was something else. As per sources, she was the queen of selling addictive chemicals. As per sources, she had a gang, and Sabrina was the leader. The gang members were her brothers. As per sources, she led this violent gang and had many rivals.

One of her rivals had claimed to have shot her at the sighting. That is what happened to her. Men of the rival gang killed her. Her nickname is Juakina Gusmanand she was associated with many crimes.

Additional Details on Juakina Gusman Foto

Sabrina was living a life filled with luxuries. She had a luxurious house and an expensive car, and she wore expensive clothes. She always wore accessories from expensive brands. This trending topic was also confused with some other news. But the main keyword consists of the nickname of Sabrina Duran Montero.

She displayed her luxurious lifestyle on her social media. As per sources, people are upset and disappointed with the government and police authorities of the country. 


The article on Juakina Gusman Dead has described all the details of a recent crime that happened in Chile’s Padre Hurtado. A young 24-year-old criminal gang leader, Sabria Duran Montero, died in this attack. Three men outside her residence shot her. Neighbors filmed the video and uploaded it on social media. Ever since the video has gone viral. People are also concerned about the security. For more details about Padre Hurtado commune, click here.

Do you know about the Sabrina Duran case? Please comment on your reaction to this incident. 

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