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{Updated} Josh Seiter Death: Who Is He? Is He Dead? What is 90 Day Fiance? Does He Have Boyfriend? Check Instagram & Twitter Details Here!

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Did you find the latest report of Josh Seiter? He is dead now. Yes, it may shock those who know him and his work. The public residing in the United States loved him after he appeared in one of the well-known Television shows.

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Death news of Josh Seiter

Josh Seiter is one of the contestants of The Bachelorette Season 11. His news of death is on fire in the media. On 28th August, his family announced his death news. However, the reason behind his death is unknown.

People say it is hard to believe that Josh is DeadIt was unexpected news for many of his fans, friends and family. 

Josh’s family took to his social platform to announce the death news. The statement from his family mentions the grief and heart-touching goodbye note to Josh. They also say a support number to connect anyone who is suffering from depression or so. This special note urges people to doubt that Josh had taken his life alone due to a depression.

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Was Josh’s death natural?

Josh’s death does not seem natural. It is because Josh posted his selfie on Instagram four days before his death. The caption here says it’s a day of his life with anxiety, depression and a smile all at once. It shows that he was not emotionally stable and was struggling with some issues.

Josh’s family did not confirm his health condition at his death. Also, the official’s investigation of his death is unclarified. In this scenario, people want to know more about his past life. Twitter users are sharing Josh’s death news and showing grief from their side.

Some past life data of Josh

Since Josh’s death is still mysterious to many people, they want to get through Josh’s past life, which may connect the dots of his death mystery. So, we assigned a team to this research and found that around July 2021, Josh shared a statement in the caption of his Insta post. 

In that post, he mentions his struggle with bipolar, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He seems strong in the centre. 

People doubt if Josh Seiter 90 Day Fiance star, Rose Vega, was a reason for his stressful condition. It is because many news stories link Josh and Rose to being in a relationship. However, there is no confirmation from both of them. 

Details of Josh Seiter

  • The complete name is Josh Seiter.
  • He was a 36-year-old person born on 14th August 1987.
  • Some recent reports mention that he was attracted to someone of his gender. His Boyfriend name is David. However, only a little information is available about David.
  • Professionally, he was an advocate, reality television star and Media personality. 
  • He completed his law education at Illinois University.
  • His parent’s details are missing on the internet.
  • His nationality is American.
  • He follows Christianity.

The answer to Who Is Josh SeiterThis is clear from the above section. However, his sudden death reports are shocking for many.


‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Josh Seiter Dead at 36, Days After Posting About Depression
by u/singleguy79 in thebachelor


Josh Seiter is dead now. The reason for his death is unclear. His family did not mention it in any of their official statement. Our research did not find any details suspecting doubt on his death news.

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