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Josh Giddey Malika Andrews: Check Information On Parents, And Husband

The post speaks about Josh Giddey Malika Andrews and details about Malika Andrews Parents, her husband, and other information.

The internet is thronged with fans carrying out debates and discussions related to Josh Giddey Malika Andrews controversy. The news has earned attention from across the globe, including the United StatesAustralia, and Canada. According to sources, the news revolves around allegations by Dez Bryant, who called out ESPN’s reporter Malika Andrews for her silence surrounding the Oklahoma City Thunder case.

This article has tried to cover all the details related to the controversy and the truth. So, continue to read the entire article till the end to know what the news is about and why the reporter is under the scrutiny of netizens and NBA fans.

What is Josh Giddey Malika Andrews Controversy?

Malika Andrews is a renowned American reporter and sports journalist. She works as the host for NBA Today, which The Jump replaced. Furthermore, she has been working as an ESPN reporter since October 2018. She is working as a reporter for the online medium. In addition, she is also involved in writing for the NBA and is the youngest sideline reporter for the NBA Bubble 2020.

As per sources, recently, she came into the scanner, not bringing to the limelight the alleged case reported against Josh Giddey. Malika Andrews Husband, Dave McMenamin, is a recognized reporter in the NBA circles. Besides the controversy surrounding her reporting against Josh Giddey, Andrew’s personal life has also generated a lot of fan curiosity.

In the following sections, we will be throwing light on the case and the received by the media.

Facts about Malika Andrews Husband and Personal Life

As per sources, the controversy involves NBA fans criticizing Andrews’s silence surrounding the ongoing scandal against Josh Giddey. According to reports, the young reporter has drawn much from NBA fans and netizens for her alleged silence on Giddey’s case, while she is known for calling out other players.

As per sources, Andrews is questioned why she is not commenting on the alleged controversy surrounding Giddey. The internet was in a frenzy when pictures of the player came up on Twitter.

Malika Andrews Husband, Dave McMenamin, is not involved in the controversy but has generated much attention. Besides, he is also an NBA reporter. Considering the news, there is no confirmation regarding the actual age of the girl involved in the controversy or conformity regarding the photographs on the internet.

Malika is counted among the top NBA reporters for ESPN. She recently covered the NBA Counter, which has taken social media by storm.

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Josh Giddey and Malika Andrews Parents

Josh Giddey is a 21-year-old Australian who is currently in the limelight. However, there has been no confirmation about the news by any sources. Apart from allegations against Malika Andrews for her silence, netizens are also raising questions about Malika Andrews Parents.

However, Malika Andrews has released no comments or statements.

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Final Conclusion

Malika Andrews is known for her bold reporting, calling out on the controversies related to other players. But the particular case has drawn attention over her silence surrounding the involvement of Giddey in an alleged case. However, Josh Giddey Malika Andrews has released no official statement regarding their response to the allegations. To learn more about the case, please check this link.

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