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Jordan Neely Video: Who Killed Jordan Neely? Find The Content On Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram, And Twitter

This research on Jordan Neely Video will guide the readers on the death of Jordan Neely. Kindly read.

Why was Jordan Neely hitten to death? Protestors are continuously protesting for justice for Jordan Neely who has been killed by fellow passengers. The news of Jordan Neely Video spread like fire in the United States and Canada. On the other hand, some people are still not aware with the fact that what happened in New York City. In this post, we will inform the readers about the death of Jordan Neely and who killed him.


The Killing Video Of Jordan Neely! 

As per online sources, a video is trending on Twitter and many other social media channels that a man named Jordan Neely has been killed in a train by his fellow passengers. According to online media, he has been suffering from cerebral issue, but he did not harm anyone. A freelancer journalist recorded the complete scenario from the subway platform and the video is now circulating on every social media channel. 

Who Killed Jordan Neely

As per online sources, Jordan Neely was killed by his fellow passenger. The person who had placed a headlock on Jordan was a 24-year-old man, a US Marine veteran, who had been taken into custody by the police officials. As per the reports, Jordan was taken to a nearby medical emergency, but he lost his breath and passed away. Some online sources also revealed that Jordan was a sufferer of cerebral issue. However, the journalist, Juan Alberto Vazquez, who captured the complete incident states that Neely did not harm anyone and spoke in his favor. 

However, in the viral Instagram video, we can see the man who head locked Jordan and other passengers holding him. 

DISCLAIMER: The video of Jordan in which he can be seen hitting up is quite disturbing and violent. It may not be suitable for some audiences who are young at age. You can easily find this on social media as it is trending on almost all sites. We do not support such violence. We promote peace and harmony among every group of humans.

Protest For Jordan Neely! 

After Jordan was hitten on the subway platform, Juan Alberto recorded the incident and the footage was circulated on Tiktok. One of the culprits was taken into custody but was left without any charges. This raised anger among the people. This led to a protest for Jordan Neely, 30. People demanded justice for this innocent person who died after taking to hospital. When the train stopped at a station, the police team came and immediately arrested the culprit and had taken Jordan Neely to the hospital. The incident went viral on Instagram and many other sites.

Details on the Video! 

When the video starts, you can see the man (Jordan Neely) already lying on the floor. You will also see a man placing a headlock and two other men who were supporting him. One can be seen pinning his arms while the other was on his shoulder. It was believed that Jordan was not fit and had some cerebral issues. If you want to find the video, you can research it well on Telegram and other online sites. 

Public’s Reaction! 

Many people on the internet shared mixed thoughts on this scenario. Many people shared tweets on this incident and called it a shocking incident. Many people identified Jordan as the impersonator of Michael Jackson. So, it is a high-profile matter and the police are investigating the matter properly. More public reactions can be seen on social media pages like Youtube.

You can find the comments and discussions of the people there. We extend our condolences and pray for his justice.


Summing up this post, you can acquire more details on Jordan Neely.

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Jordan Neely Subway: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Jordan Neely?

Ans. According to the latest reports, Jordan is a homeless person who was suffering from cerebral issue and was killed by some people on the train.

Q2. Who captured the incident? 

Ans. A freelancer journalist named Juan Alberto Vazquez recorded this incident.

Q3. Is Jordan Neely dead? 

Ans. Yes, he died after taking to the hospital. 

Q4. Is the video Viral On Reddit? 

Ans. Yes, the video went viral on several sites.

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