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Jonas Brothers Com 2025: Why Is Mikey And Little Trending Online? Check Here

What is Jonas Brothers Com 2025? Who is Mikey and Brothers Little? Why are they trending? 

What are the details on Jonas Brothers com 2025? Who are the Jonas Brothers? Who is Mikey Delesa? Who is the youngest Jonas’s brother? Why are the Jonas Brothers trending on social media? People from Canada and the United States are trying to get information about the Jonas brother’s concert. Let us read the details on the Jonas brothers. 

Jonas Brothers com 2025

Jonas brothers are the singing sensation of America. They are the most popular band in the country and probably the most loved one. They entered the industry as kids and are now grown up with families to care for. Jonas Brothers has three members: Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. All three are siblings, and they share the same passion for music. 

Jonas Brothers com 2025

They are nearing the finale of their 2023 tour. However, they have yet another good news for fans from worldwide. They have announced their 2025 tour for their 20th Anniversary. On 9 December 9 December 2023, after the show in Brooklyn, the Jonas Brothers announced their upcoming tour. 

Who is Mikey Jonas Brothers?

Mike Deleasa is Kevin Jonas’s brother-in-law. Kevin is the eldest Jonas’s brother, married to Danielle Jonas. They married in 2009, and Danielle’s brother, Michael Deleasa, also known as Mikey, is trending on social media. He appeared in the E! Series with Danielle and Kevin ‘Married to Jonas Brothers.’ 

Who is Mikey Jonas Brothers

People are talking about him as he has often been spotted with Kevin and Danielle. 31-year-old Mike works as a DJ and often joins the Jonas brothers’ concerts. Kevin is close to Mike, and Joe Jonas is also friends with Mike Deleasa. 

Who is Jonas Brothers Little Brother?

Jonas’s brothers are four siblings, three of the eldest being part of the band. But the youngest one, Franklin Nathaniel Jonas. He is also a singer and a songwriter. He is also called the ‘Bonus Jonas.’ People love Frank as much as they love Kevin, Joe and Nick. 

Who is Jonas Brothers Little Brother

Frank has also worked as a child actor. Although he is not a member of the Jonas Brothers band, he releases his singles. He is also a talented musician, just like his elder brothers. Frank is just 23 years old. Jonas Brothers Little Brother is undoubtedly a bonus for the fans.

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More Details About 2025 Tour & Social Media 

No details about the tour have been revealed. But, on the official website of Jonas Brothers, the announcement has been made. Here are the details about their social media:

Twitter Account:

They have over 4 million followers, and their account is verified with a golden tick. 


They have more than 7 million followers.

YouTube Channel

They have more than 5 million subscribers. 


On Facebook, they have more than 13 million followers. 


In today’s article on Jonas Brothers com 2025, we discussed many details about Jonas Brothers. In 2025, they will complete 20 years in the music industry as the Jonas brothers. Thus, they have announced a tour in 2025 to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Fans are already excited about the concert. They announced the news on 9 December 9 December 2023 at a show in Brooklyn. For more details, visit here.

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