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Jolly Chirayath Family And Husband – Read Details!

Let us learn why people recently searched for Jolly Chirayath Family And Husband, Age, or other facts about the actress, and uncover the reality through this guide.

What did Jolly Chariath open up recently? After Jolly Chirayath opens up about living with her ex-spouse’s residence, people from the United Arab Emirates, India, and other areas search for details of her family and husband.

Audiences largely praise her personality and acting. So, her recent statement made people curious to know about Jolly’s private details and family affairs. Look in the guide and know complete facts about Jolly Chirayath Family And Husband.

Jolly Chirayath Family And Husband:

Jolly Chirayath, the well-known actress, has two kids and was married to Balu. The living conditions in her husband’s house could not let her adjust there. Jolly recently shared that women and house assistance staff used to have meals only when every man in the house ate.

Her autobiography indicates divorcing her spouse, her problems during married life, and much more. She was in UAE from 1996 to 2010 and was employed in Sharjah’s Al Faisal Photographic Workshop as a marketing specialist and business person. He later joined the movie world and got much recognition.

Jolly Chirayath Family And Husband

Jolly Chirayath Age:

Jolly Chirayath, a movie actress, is 54 years old. Predominantly acting in Malayalam movies, she debuted in the industry with Angamaly, a film made under the direction of Lijo Jose Pellissery.

However, her failed marriage and issues in her husband’s house are indicated in her autobiography. 

In the autobiography, she also mentioned the books given to her ex-spouse that he never read. The books include the Communist Manifesto. Her latest statement about her living with her ex-spouse in the past made her come into the headlines. Therefore, people searched for Jolly Chirayath Family And Husband.

Jolly Chirayath Age

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Acting career of Jolly Chirayath:

Jolly joined the Malayalam movie industry in 2017 and became a well-known actress. She won Kerela State Chalachitra Academy’s Kerala State Television Awards for Kombal in 2021. Her recent movie is Romancham, which was released in 2023. The academy awarded her the second-best actress award.

Quick Wiki of Jolly Chirayath:

  • Real name- Chirayath Lona Jolly
  • Birthplace- Nashik, Maharashtra, India
  • Year of birth- 1969
  • Profession- Actress
  • Nationality- Indian
  • Ex-spouse- Balu
  • Children- Two
  • Parents- Lona Chirayath and Lilly Lona
  • Net worth- Not mentioned online
  • Height and weight details- Not available
  • Jolly Chirayath Age– 54 years

Quick Wiki of Jolly Chirayath

Movie list of Jolly Chirayath:

  • 2017- Angamaly Diaries, Aadu 2, and Kaattu
  • 2018- Suvarna Purushan, Koode, Eeda, Pathirakalam, and Irratta Jeevitham
  • 2019- Vikruthi, June, Virus, Thottappan, and Ottam
  • 2020- Kozhipporu, Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte, and Kappela
  • 2021- Malik
  • 2022- Nizhal, Salute, Kaduva, and Vichithram
  • 2023- Sulaikha Manzil, Pulimada, Pappachan Olivilanu, and Dance Party

Married life of Jolly Chirayath:

Jolly Chirayath’s family life was recently disclosed publicly when she opened it up during an interview. She mentioned the problems with her ex-spouse and the living situation in his house. She could not adjust their living and had divorced her ex-spouse Balu.

Also, the recent interview made people look for details of Jolly Chirayath Family And Husband.

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Additional details of Jolly Chirayath:

Jolly Chirayath is best recognized for her movies, such as Angamaly Diaries, Malik, and Nizhal. Balu proposed to Jolly for marriage as they had known each other since childhood. When Jolly informed Balu about her hearing loss, he mentioned that it could be treated and replaced.

She was impressed with his outlook and ideas about life, and they decided to marry later. Since their religion was different, a few issues existed in their married life. The church was against mixed marriage. But Chetan, Jolly’s brother, supported her in a mixed marriage, and she married Balu only because of him. When they got married, Jolly Chirayath Age was 21.

Additional details of Jolly Chirayath

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Jolly Chirayath’s husband and family details were recently hunted online after she revealed facts about her living with her ex-spouse. The living situation of Jolly Chirayath’s Family And Husband at his house was why she could not adapt, resulting in a failed marriage. You may revisit us to gain insight into Jolly Chirayath’s husband and family.

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