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JOJO to PHP {Oct 2021} How To Buy? Price Statistics!

Read this article to explore the facts for a new hyped cryptocurrency and get to know some facts for exchange related to JOJO to PHP.

Do you invest in cryptocurrencies? Have you heard of JOJO yet? Is this a safe investment? How is the token beneficial for your wallets?

JOJO is another addition to cryptocurrency tokens gaining hype in the Philippines and many other corners of the world. As a result, people are constantly searching out to exchange this token in PHP, the Philippine currency.

Explore the articles mentioned below to know about JOJO to PHP and how to purchase the token.

What is JOJO?

JOJO is a crypto token based on BSC, the Binance Smart Chain. The token is decentralised completely with team reservations and private equity. It also has the super combustion mechanism that allows the fast-burning or token numbers, reducing and affecting the total supply circulation.

The token distribution for all of its transfers under fair issuance will be triggered on the given chain. This further includes token burn, holding currency income and NFT mining pool.

Out of a total 1,000,000,000,000 supply, 14% will destroy, 50% will be burned dev token, and 36% will be fair launch supply.


A cryptocurrency exchange is the most searched topic over the internet. The cost for 1 JOJO is 0.01 PHP. This price is according to the latest published data and may tend to change frequently. Therefore, we advise our readers to check the same out before converting their tokens. Price Statistics for JOJO:

The current price of the token is PHP 0.0117333556, and the same is high by 8.86%. This price fluctuation was recorded in the last 24 hours. The hourly dip of the token is recorded to be -0.33%. The total value of this token has surged by 132.76% in over a week.

The low-high for the token is recorded to be PHP 0.0091843775 and PHP 0.0119515474JOJO to PHP values also tends to change with price fluctuations. The 24-Hour volume of the token is ₱23,987,375.95.

What does the Roadmap for JOJO say?

JOJO’s roadmap is divided into three phases, out of which the first phase and half of the second phase is accomplished. The remaining points say the JOJO app, NFT game launch, game base kick-off, listing on more exchange platforms, well-known IP and other related tasks.

How to purchase JOJO?

You need to follow some easy steps to get the tokens and for the easy exchange of JOJO to PHP.

  • Wallet Creation:

The first step is to visit the MetaMask website online and download the extension to set up the wallet. iOS and Android users also have an option to download and set up their wallets from Trust Wallet App for easy

  • $BNB to BSC:

The next step says that you need to purchase BNB from the exchange platform and transfer the same to your set wallet.

  • BNB for JOJO:

The third step says to go to the DApp tab, search for pancakes swap v2 and choose the ideal currency. Next, you must enter the contract address and find the token for further JOJO to PHP exchange.

FAQs for the Token:

  • What are the future price predictions for JOJO?

The platform guarantees the rising price chart for the token.

  • Is it safe to purchase JOJO?

Transactions for the token are safe, and the token can be purchased from Binance Smart Chain.

  • What is JOJO’s contract address?

The contract address for the chain is 0x78a499a998bdd5a84cf8b5abe49100d82de12f1c.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have mentioned all the details for the JOJO token and all the easy steps for exchange. The exchange price for a Philippine token is 0.01 PHP.

JOJO to PHP convert rates are also easily available over the internet. 

JOJO Fun Official Website will help you explore more about the same.

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