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Johnston Vere Scam: Liliana Recruitment Whatsapp Reviews, Associates Consultancy Ltd

We bring to you the truth about the Johnston Vere Scam, Johnston Vere Associates Consultancy Limited, and Liliana Recruitment Whatsapp Reviews.

Johnston Vere Consultancy Limited has made a mark in the field of global recruitment! Did you know due to the reputed brand name, scammers plotted plans to loot candidates? Johnston Vere Scam, going on in the United Kingdom?

About Johnston Vere Scam:

The Johnston Vere fraud came to light as social media users started posting screenshots of a Johnston Vere Whatsapp message on Reddit. @u/FiveSigns posted the initial message on 19th/September/2023, followed by the post shared on @16muwda and @r/Scams Reddit groups.

The Johnston Vere fraudulent WhatsApp message stated that Liliana from Johnston Vere job consultancy had received an application. 

Content of the Johnston Vere Whatsapp message:

It asked the candidate if they were still interested in the job profile. The user was frustrated and responded with a weird picture, suggesting that he was not interested. But Liliana continued to message that Johnston Vere Recruitment is currently offering part-time and full-time jobs for people above 22-years old.

@u/FiveSigns stated on his Reddit post that he is going to change his contact number. The fraudulent WhatsApp number of scammers was censored. 

Reaction to Johnston Vere Recruitment scam on WhatsApp:

People made fun of the scammer on Reddit comments and stated that the scammer should try a different approach. Hence, it is advisable to verify the source of the message. Check if the sender could email you about the job posting so that you can receive details from his official Johnston Vere Associates Limited email ID.

The WhatsApp message circulating in the UK with Liliana introducing himself is treated as a scam. However, it is unknown if Liliana works at Johnston Vere. There are no reports on Reddit or other social media platforms if Johnston Vere Liliana had requested personal or payment information on WhatsApp chat.

Established in 1987, Johnston Vere has expanded its presence in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, North America, South America, China, Singapore, UAE, Africa, South Africa, and Russia. 

About Johnston Vere Associates Limited:

Johnston Vere Associates Limited is a genuine recruitment firm specializing in:

  1. Transportation
  2. Oil and Gas 
  3. Technology and Software
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Process Engineering/ Manufacturing
  6. Electrical and Control engineering
  7. Energy and Utilities 
  8. Automation
  9. Industrial Cyber Security, and
  10. Pharmaceutical

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Johnston Vere Liliana WhatsApp message:

It was not specified on the Reddit post if the WhatsApp message had any unauthentic third-party website links. The venue of the interview was mentioned in the WhatsApp message. However, as the Reddit user was not interested in the Johnston Vere Consultancy Ltd job posting, he updated the Reddit post. The user did not mention someone scamming him. The user wanted to change his contact number as he was receiving irrelevant messages.

However, several recruitment scams had featured on the WhatsApp platform earlier.

Johnston Vere Reviews:

The Johnston Vere Recruitment Ltd., is rated 5-stars in two Google reviews. Johnston Vere Associates Limited is a genuine recruiter. More than 12 website reviews were positive. 

Social media links:

WhatsApp scam
byu/FiveSigns inScams


The Reddit post indicated a WhatsApp spam message. Hence, Johnston Vere Consultancy Ltd’s WhatsApp message is treated as a recruitment scam. However, as the contact number and full details of Liliana were not published, the authenticity of his WhatsApp message needs to be verified. It is advisable not to provide personal and payment details on WhatsApp chat to avoid Phishing.

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