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John Castic Linkedin: Who Is John Castic? Is He Missing? Check Full Incident Details Here

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Who is John Castic? Why are people searching for John’s LinkedIn? What happened to John Castic? Is John Castic alive? Where was John Castic last seen? Let us see the information on John Castic LinkedIn. People from the United States are shocked to learn about the missing case of a Goldman Sachs employee. People were worried about John Castic. 

John Castic & Jonh’s LinkedIn

John was a 27-year-old employee of Goldman Sachs; he worked as the Senior Analyst. On Saturday, he went clubbing in Brooklyn, NY and never returned home. As per the sources, he was spotted leaving the nigh-club at around 2:30 am, and then he went missing after that. John has a LinkedIn account; people can easily search for his account online. It seems like people have extracted information about him from his LinkedIn account.  

Disclaimer: The news has some unpleasing facts about John Castic. We have collected all the information from the authentic sources. 

Further Details Of John Castic Missing

John was from Chicago, Illinois native, and he was with his friends on the night of his disappearance. John was at the Zeds Dead’s concert with his friends, and he started feeling sick late at night. Thus, he called for an Uber and left for his home alone. But he never reached his home. On Tuesday, police found a floating body without a shirt near the Newton creeks in the water. This was the second body of a man found at the Netwon creeks in the past few weeks. 

John Castic Goldman lived in lower Manhattan and left the Bushwick area around 3:00 am. A man spotted John’s body facing down, floating in the river. The man immediately reported to NYDP around 11:00 am. 

Social Media Links 

We have searched for John’s social media profiles, such as; Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. But, we were unable to find any of his accounts, unfortunately. This is maybe because John was a normal person and not any celebrity. Hence his account is not reachable. A link to his LinkedIn account is given in the conclusion. The case of John Castic Reddit is trending on social media. 


This article has covered the sad news about an untimely death of a Senior Analyst at Goldman Sach, John Castic. He was 27 years old and from Chicago but lived in New York. He went to a concert on Saturday and went missing. On Tuesday, his body was found at the Newton creeks. Click on the link to open John’s LinkedIn account

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Must Read Updates On John Castic LinkedIn: FAQs

Q1. Who was John Castic?

A1. John was 27 years old, Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs. 

Q2. What happened to John Castic?

A2. John went missing on Saturday late at night after he attended a concert in Brooklyn. 

Q3. Where was John Castic’s body found?

A3. John’s body was found floating in the river near Newton Creeks. 

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